ABC News Update: Supreme Court strikes down part of ‘amateurism’ rules by NCAA

Plus, Madison Square Garden welcomes a full capacity concert, and trees that are key to fighting climate change are in danger.
13:17 | 06/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Update: Supreme Court strikes down part of ‘amateurism’ rules by NCAA
Good morning I'm Diana Saito thanks for streaming with us in today's update we start with breaking news from the Supreme Court. Today's unanimous ruling the court struck down a portion of the NCAA amateurism rules saying they violate federal antitrust laws. The NCAA is no longer able to bar schools from providing student athletes with education related benefits like free laptops tutoring programs are paid internships. The ruling is being hailed as a win for college athletes but it doesn't allow salaries for players something advocates have been hoping we'll. For the first time in more than a year Madison Square Garden hosted a sold out concert. The Foo Fighters played to full and fully vaccinated crowds in New York City at last night. There was no social distancing and no masks as New York's productivity rate remains at its lowest level since the start of the pandemic. But there are growing concerns about the highly contagious dealt a variance. It's now at least 45 states and is expected to become the dominant strain in the US over the next few months. Experts say getting vaccinated is still the best thing you can do to protect yourself. Andy bronze president elect Abraham right C is held a press conference this morning for the first time since he was declared. The election winner on Saturday he called. On the US to remove sanctions and returned to the original Iran nuclear deal. Talks aimed at reviving that deal have caused temporarily since raised his election. He also added that Iran's ballistic missile program is not negotiable and ruled out a potential meeting with president Biden. And severe weather is on the move out. Two tropical storm clawed debt or through this south. As part of that storm an EF two tornado ripped through Alabama destroyed more than fifty homes and leaving a path of destruction more than twenty miles long. Helen Lopez is in Alabama with the latest. This morning flooded and moving up the so fees. Do the Carolinas after leaving behind a trail of destruction this weekend. An Alabama at these dangerous flash floods pouring through the roads. Any niece prudent Angela spears is grateful to be alive after she says a tornado some driver mobile home Saturday if. Now all eyes came and and win my and no loan account. The National Weather Service now says that in EF two tornado tore through this Syria. With an estimate a 127. Mile per hour winds twenty people injured and this morning authorities investigating all of whom live 617 vehicle pileup on I 65 near Montgomery. After the county corner says a car likely Hydro planed on rain slicked roads. Nine of the ten killed were children. Two of the victims 29 year old Cody fox in his nine month old daughter Arianna. In another car eight children kills officials say the youngest just three years old to. That van carrying a group from a ranch that helps vulnerable youths the driver Candace goalie the sole survivor. They were not able to get to the children due to the intensity of the heat. In Hancock county Mississippi. Did dangers floods forcing troop letter is Stanley to evacuate their homes rising waters hitting his neck as he pushed through the doors to save his loved ones. Making it to his truck bed. Waiting until dawn for help to a rise. You lost everything in our but in my and they include nine from rifle will be allowed. Officials say a crossing guard lived in what was a home here once likened to a standing inside the next she was. Unsure this green counts they see miraculously she walked away with just a few scrapes Diane didn't. And Alan Lopez hard to see those images thank you. An American Airlines canceled close to 400 flights over the weekend it a major staffing and maintenance issues. And more flights are expected to be canceled next month as a record number of travelers at the skies ABC news transportation correspondent GO Benitez has the details. I GO. Pay their Diane good morning whether of course it is a big issue right now but now we work. That American Airlines is having major staffing and maintenance issues. Take a look at this right now because over the weekend are stunning number of cancellations. A 123 flights on Saturday about a 180 yesterday and already today about a hundred flights have been canceled. Some bulls cancellations have happened right before the scheduled flight. Now why is this happening while the airline tells us a high number of employees are calling out sick. Plus you've got other staffing issues along with aircraft maintenance many airlines are having trouble keeping up with the vast increase in travelers. More than two million were screened by TSA on Friday alone. And the issues are not over American expects to cancel anywhere between fifty and eighty flights per day over the next. Month those are a lot of flights right there are so what should you do if you're caught up in this situation so many people are traveling. All Americans telling us that they're actually get a start canceling flights. A little bit earlier that what you have more of a chance. To read book and again if that happens to you this is what you gotta do. Grab your phone open up that airline app that is going to be the fastest way. To handle that re booking but you've got to do it right away because you should be able to see those re booking options right there on the outgoing. All right good tips ABC news transportation correspondent GO but he says thank you. And there are key players in the climate change fight but giant sequoia are now in danger is threatened by the very thing they reliance survived. Fire. When we come back we take a look at the effort to preserve the sequoia tree. And what it means for our future. Welcome back trees that are key to fighting climate change are now in danger threatened by fire the very thing they rely on to survive. These ancient sequoia trees are considered by many to be the largest on planet earth and they are known for converting carbon dioxide. So range shot has more on the wildfires now putting them in jeopardy. Older than Jesus older than Mohammed bolder than Buddha older than the Middle Ages. They're just fabulous are planets timeless towering treasures. Now. They're so cool all. Ancient sequoia trees they speak to us as human beings about. Longevity. And tion and deep history in and resilience. But that resilience is being tested as human caused climate change is fundamentally. Altering the fabric of our planet's forests. Have been to just a few years ago. Is it just virtually unheard of that fire could actually. And killed. These these incredible trees considered by many the largest trees on planet earth you Golan Heights to walk around mistake general Sherman has stood you're an approximate 2300. Year it's these. The other masters. Survive wall. Weathering insects and fire her and store rooms and drought. Fighting the war after war armed with a critical weapon. That could be key to preserving the planet they produce oxygen and they store carbon they hold the soil in place that make places for bird mask. These are pretty big sequoia groves like this one among the world's most efficient at sucking up and converting carbon dioxide. But last August even these masters of survival couldn't make it through the castle fire. As a wildfire raged through the porous. Christie Brigham the chief scientist overseeing this equated the park was devastated scene the charred trees and. If it really. Sorry it's getting teared up really has been like a multi stage grief process when the fire was burning we got together and. Rapidly tried to prioritize all the groves that we thought the fire might get through and talk to the fire team about can you back burned some of these to protect them. It wasn't enough. This fire was too much for even the strongest giants to bear it's heartbreaking and devastating a startling report expected later this month he killed an incredible loss 10% of the world's native sequoia is brought to the ground it's. Thousands of years of living history that were lost in one fire about. That we can't get back we cannot get back in our lifetime. It's gonna be hundreds of years. Part of it is it's human induced climate change. Ares gotten hotter and drier and that. The temperatures have changed so much Syria really work around the general but it's also about past mistakes and an ongoing debate about how to manage our forests. Climate change is super charging fire conditions. Making it a challenge to balance and natural role fires in ecosystems. With the dire destruction these scorching inferno skin cause. Firefighters previously aggressively put out every single forest fire. But that strategy along with the recent bone dry Summers reading tinderbox conditions. If you had the apps since a fire. For a period of time you have a lot of other trees that are growing up that wouldn't normally be there in a natural healthy florists. A lot of that unchecked growth providing a ladder for flames to reach the higher ups a Korea's. Creating far more intense fires that combined with drought. Is what creates Dave that devastating combination of factors that we saw it in the castle fire. So now park Rangers are intentionally lighting the forest on fire. So this is help control this fire is right now that guy in the Red Hat he's the burden but he's watching every inch of these claims to make sure it's Dana prescribed area. Doesn't he seem to trigger a truck right there to jump in. Action. And they're doing so to try and save it. By doing to prescribe birth. We're mimicking some of those effects of what actually occurred headed the trooper doesn't. On this date about fifty park firefighters were in the field closely torching extra fuel just feet away from the visitor's entrance you can feel just how hot this fire is and the fuel is so dry -- fire is spreading rapidly. Close to 3000. People live in the adjacent communities. We really that we really need to take a proactive approach to fire management. We can't just be play defense anymore. The inside of his equally as providing clues to the past. Every hole you see here is applying her scar but tells us what the conditions were like. I this Sri survived multiple low intensity natural fighters for generations simply is actually rely on low intensity fires to serve by. The natural blazes help the trees create offspring and that means not necessarily fling at every single fire. We don't wanna put out every single fire we want to make sure that we're managing fired for what the conditions and what do you species actually being. Letting the park burned in hopes of seeing this aquae a species. Shook. Think you're gonna beat that other one just hang in their body. Where were looking out for area. And in turn these ancient trees looking out for our planet's future. So you think Chris see your grand kids grandkids are they seen this park like this. Maybe not just like this but I hope I'm a lot of it will be the same time this is a need a fighter like you're not only did. I don't have any plans believe they've been here for 2000 years believes I can do is put in a good ten or fifteen on their behalf. The stories from ABC news sequoia national park. Towering shot thanks for that and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see back here at 3 PM Easter with Terry Moran for the breakdown. Stay safe. Shock disbelief anger and bewilderment. All words that describe the reaction here and around the country today for the two words spoken last night in a Washington courtroom a not guilty. John W Hinckley junior the man who shot the president and three others were also matter a hospital not a present. With great dignity his victims Timothy McCarthy follow Stella had a James Brady all declined to comment today on the verdict. And so did the man who wasn't responsible talked about march 30 1981. Any reaction. Today justice was done so.

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