Adult-Only Bounce House in London

ABC News' Louise Dewast takes us to London where a 22-foot bounce house has been set up for adults only.
5:49 | 03/03/16

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Transcript for Adult-Only Bounce House in London
I joined wit during the week he's only. Yes Louise the last thing he is men and producer joins us live now. That just looks like the way too much fun to be having homework always great life. Sweet. I do morning. I don't know about you bet when I was a kid I used to not about the capitals. And I would and I think I was free that I can on the main north. Lung novice one for idols and you inundated with us this I think is and thank you for three days. That haven't had written about it fine. Please when all you in London exactly. So I'm gonna try and show he does best an icon that reaction if I'm I think McCain stands. Because we have heart and mind buying. Continents are imprisoned kind hearted London. They know they'll do it there is that the. Man's health is admittedly misty just from the right. We're sorry. That's the only a matter of London easing the lives of the right now the verdict that they did not meet on the last time that the iconic. Tower bridge and on the right you're constantly hold which is as he decides I demand office. And a marriage. I didn't and American stop has come. But it didn't want it doesn't run an offense we. Had and why is it and it earthlings. This without for the Milledge avenue. I timing crushed game I'd see him on the feet frantic hunt and and found that it's amazing when it's. When you something pretty tiring. At least hundreds without a people who care and often when they think. Pop rock at eight. I stop the madness. And I think he asked if not because those. He concert grand that they just can't get a deadly case that it is nice to me it's. Exactly you can and can't print and just how fun we're content is not running around. Other than getting Palin immigrate constantly and take violence if it if it lock backup but I do anything more of it. But apparently it that they today that's only going up and down and Louise is jumping the entire time. If you look elements on it but yet it's golden the Butler and what you do that would you Conan I don't bouncing under a eulogy. All my past so much I wouldn't. So is he that scared me. I think that they seem. Mike dangerous. Like lemont I would get over it is digging equipment and you'll ever get over it like it. I don't runner and a bit like a child anyway and I would penalty line and I would and dance of the night climbed worlds of mobile have bones and we'll move Clinton is so full cash. We're really dig in and indeed up let me do that now we're gonna talk more about and it back in the Vietnamese you've got you back. How can give us a sense of the space and they also I think keeping them around it that it. Sold. Well I just think personally didn't have big installation it's when he used the Hyde. And 36 feet wide. And three are. A big big into Mason after uneasy tax payers adult and Trenton will cost that we can have a bit of means here right. Take a moment to catch your breath and tears. This is the of the best respects is a London that view on the south bank needs outrage that's. Is is London at its best. Yeah what do you know he's focused towards the river and that is how to look at London illness majesty Italy's Ingrid. Hey it's okay it's neither am confused. That woman's confession redevelopment it's a beautiful day today it is not in London from the. Yeah it's so what did you showed the senate finance if you're probably. About getting guys that restrains buildings and Houston and all the buildings. Along the river in London and even quite strange. Nicknamed the wolves the light you can do is cool because it. Oh yeah I hated him you it's a class it already done that afternoon and what isn't that about half threes and it. That is mourners how London always of them and you never tire of seeing how outraged the residents and thanks. And the image of the hot pink and yellow Al. Against all of this that's that is pretty cold we love it up there and at their base a lot of interesting people and passers by waiting to get in. Definitely says I did how in the hip with three days to free event. It's given all day from today until until Sunday. And in the long line of people waiting I've got on the council to get about humanity that's a jump. I says advocate and hiring two minutes is definitely enough and people think. A lot of fun on it. He thanked her and attended. Thinking it's London it's taken it's a bouncy castle in Chile has been human chilling as the Walter. We appreciate it.

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{"id":37369134,"title":"Adult-Only Bounce House in London ","duration":"5:49","description":"ABC News' Louise Dewast takes us to London where a 22-foot bounce house has been set up for adults only.","url":"/International/video/adult-bounce-house-london-37369134","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}