Afghan Forces Kill Taliban Near Kabul Airport

Failed attack on NATO's operational headquarters leaves seven militants dead.
1:36 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Afghan Forces Kill Taliban Near Kabul Airport
The explosions began early this morning callable by gunfire. Terrified residents running for cover as militants stormed this com. -- noise you -- first thing in the morning was no it was a I don't know guns rocket hitting every -- There hitting everywhere it this was their target an American base beauty airport tell me about how many weapons they had and how much damage they could cause. They hand grenades rocket launchers and AK forty sevens this policeman tells us. -- based in locked down and helicopters overhead. Afghan forces fought back after -- five hours each killing all seven of the militants. Without a single civilian hurts the -- -- he was prepared to help. But frankly that it has Virgo that we. Particulate upstairs inside the compound distinction gas -- -- you'll hear all of these are bullet holes. You can see the burn marks on the wall. Everywhere the floor was littered with shell casings and some things too gruesome to broadcast take a look at this this balcony here. This is the area that the militants were trying to take over. Just look at how close it is to Kabul airport. NATO calls this operation a success that as he sought staters would you concede that -- the whole. One of the rockets -- to hit the base blasting a hole through an airplane hangar used by the American Embassy allow. It's another proof that even after a decade of war the Taliban can still strike deep into the heart of the capital on the -- ABC news in --

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{"id":19367758,"title":"Afghan Forces Kill Taliban Near Kabul Airport","duration":"1:36","description":"Failed attack on NATO's operational headquarters leaves seven militants dead.","url":"/International/video/afghan-forces-kill-taliban-kabul-airport-19367758","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}