Americans head to Gibraltar to marry

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli reports from Gibraltar, Spain, one of the few places accepting Americans as a destination for long-distance couples looking to marry.
4:31 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for Americans head to Gibraltar to marry
You can consider it a new hot spot and unusual place for weddings during a pandemic couples facing travel restrictions are. Now heading to one of the world's tiniest and most dramatic slivers of land to tie the knot and Maggie ruling traveled to Gibraltar. To see why. A few months ago she written Hamas were starting to doubt this day would ever be possible the hardest part I think was that we didn't know when we could see tether this movement to new. Of these movements and a son tell you have you some acts with Chirac and New York City and Carlos in Barcelona. Lock downs in border closures meant the newly engaged couple was separated by thousands of animals he wanted to find. Way to not be separated again. The first pleased to pop up Gibraltar the place Americans and their partners from around the world can legally get. Here. Gibraltar. We face mask for players and for the first hit it's. Warm it's like a little mini honeymoon together with the wedding. Near the southern most tip of Spain with the use of Africa across the Mediterranean. The British territory of Gibraltar is tiny roughly two maps square mile peninsula of rugged why yield to raise. As a wedding planner here told of their motto is weddings and selling. Not human diet they're they've whole Lotta love on this tiny dramatic sliver of land and now for couples who have been separated by the pandemic developer has become more important. Leave being content saved by many many Americans. Bryan crews the founder its need to brought their weddings tells us this past September they've done nearly double the number of weddings compared to the same month last year. They see we could be as we we've easily done between thirteen to two even faulty. On peak season months. Long known as an easy place to get married couples only need to show their passports and birth certificates and to spend one night in Gibraltar. It's been a wedding hot spot for decades ever since John led video on a little low tier in 1969. It's just a few of us in rare. Jack and you know going to help cut. Now with its local would have rates and open borders Americans are rushing didn't tiny and not with their partners abroad. For many couples Lee Janelle and her British fiance it feels like the only option. I don't happen to anyone right now. From our butare this lessons. In his Rita she made that we. Be on the same consonant. They get Nash also found their way to be together in Gibraltar and I forgot she's. This is. Yeah. It's oozing they talked about getting married and pass his hometown Las Vegas. But since nick is from the UK he's. Currently not allowed into America but I'm really amazed that it you'll. You'll parents threatens those out that everybody gets. Family deal calling into Gibraltar from all over the world. As Tyler gets ready to marry his new bride Elin or his parents back in California are watching every second of the ceremony you know his dad. Even in this state seemed almost too good to be true bees and you know it weighs exactly what we wanted again this really cute this gorgeous place. Injuring two verso has appreciated nearly all of these weddings and more than 6000 over the past four years of Gibraltar and for him. He says them only two people find their way to be together. This magic. For me it means the well of I mean. Love is beyond a division I think we love and happiness is beyond every last person. It's going to be a friend for a. Sure writes about these moments of joy and a longing in her new song wait for me and CNN. My city. Dedicated to other couples still separated she raising awareness about the low does not tourism campaign urging countries to help reunite couples still stranded by close quarters and Christian era her story. Has a happy ending. The she says it's all thanks to Gibraltar and they believe and that I ask. You make your united. Accident at ABC. To Bolter. Congratulations. To the couples and Maggie not a bad assignment there.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli reports from Gibraltar, Spain, one of the few places accepting Americans as a destination for long-distance couples looking to marry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73622309","title":"Americans head to Gibraltar to marry","url":"/International/video/americans-head-gibraltar-marry-73622309"}