Americans stranded in South America

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli reports on Americans in Peru getting limited help from the U.S. government to return to the U.S. months into the pandemic.
8:18 | 07/21/20

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Transcript for Americans stranded in South America
And now to the ongoing struggle for some Americans to return from overseas back in March Americans abroad in Peru faced a major crisis when the country's president shut down its borders and an effort to stem the spread of -- nineteen. Now some Americans are still stuck in that country with a little help from the US government to get out our Maggie really has this report. Remember in the chaotic scenes like these playing hurt airports around the world. Thousands of Americans are finding themselves stranded abroad as a result of this corona virus pandemic countries locking down their borders trying to contain the spread of corona virus. Interbrew was signing shut down a domestic international travel on March 16 she brought the country to a standstill and help many Americans let's. It's. Just been very. Mary. And police outside America's try to get out there were held public garden. This is not a good situation here right now. Months later. Rooms now easing restrictions. The US State Department says it's repatriated more than twelve hours in US citizens in the country but many who stayed behind. Coming up the price of evacuations he'll spin themselves stuck with limited options and even fewer government. Resources to assist them citizens like Abby mounted from Georgia she's been living in Peru for two years and says she decided to stay behind in part to make sure the nonprofit she worked for it would survive. I just thought I need to stay in I need you everything I looked into you know how these people. Even if NA you know not knowing what I look clay oklahomans from me. The nonprofit supports recent refugees from Venezuela didn't really think it was here in February just about a month before locked down. Think she found her other reason for seeing. Alejandro. Net is in his yeah yeah mile training that's we skied with a team from their home in Mina and together they're. Possibly see and meet. At 84 and today. The premier road it will yeah yeah first thing that I noticed that Abby and I want. They get to know her it was just terror are coming into the children in the program ends than her mom's and. And he's just some of the day Israel especially and it still Neal Cotts easy yeah. And they need not meet. Venezuelans not. He does so that means that any. Their love it simply means across the street and they tell us about how they proposed to each other she asked him first. I don't know going. You know whenever you us. Cylinder RD and who really get. And we already know we're really only just been blessed with each other Colleen we're like children at a point IEI news that I wanted to address the quit her business in Arabic to the initiative to say something to neat person she sends. Alejandro honest and some ideas you. And it was just the slight explosion of emotion. And they share without some extent didn't. We're. Asking our Mercer Island. Polls and soy Meeks is more complicated and every. Time now. Abby wants to come back to the US to have a baby and Alejandro is a Venezuelan national and he can only come to the US he's granted US Lisa. He started his application in June but they're still waiting for what could be a years long process. He says services in Peru have been halted indefinitely since March 16 and they been suspended worldwide except for life and death emergencies. And today the US consulate agency in Cuzco Peru officially closed it's doors until at least November. Making the future even more on certain. I keep thinking generally you know be more iron out. More track. Thicker and more people who he is the embassy here in the mountains I think when there's less agencies and Neil Melissa were especially next kind of crisis is key and the humor. Mallory an instant Milan Yost and her organization warrior angels rescue. Has helped to evacuate at least 350. American since the start of the crisis she says the situation on the ground has been challenging. At the beginning people were making the they had been stuck in her room where or eight isn't me. Now little idea that's no name for months later it still beat out rooms. And so some people have chosen to us live within their circumstances. Aaron were the best entered. It really awful situation room now for their candidacies. Alone and consulates. Shedding yeah. People car. Render even more pressure they're stealing even more sure to get out. He didn't win the good news over Peru restarting short plays between Cousteau in the capital and Leno isn't the only place in the entire country became process he says passport requests and other travel related issues for US citizens and residents. US citizens are happy an impossible time getting home. And in Britain lawful permanent residences. Needs. And Carter and an act. With anyone who's not allow their resident yes it was in the process of buying that. Status. And or Lisa meets. Its own it's nearly impossible it is seen. And Americans are also struggling to find affordable flights home. Prince just couple Leno has been in Lima Peru since new years after initially visiting his parents and medical issues and defame me emergency caused him to postpone his march flight back to the states he's been stuck ever sends me running out of money fast and says he is dwindling hope of getting out soon. But what is it about leading light curtains but there's I don't have any money and that muscle that required and when you're bubbling. Here. There are no ignored government organize repatriation flight out of Peru. The State Department warned American citizens to act immediately if they wanted to for turned to the US. People overseas need to ask themselves don't want to go home. Or my ready to stay abroad indefinitely. This is especially crucial for people who are in central South America where have been folk receive the bulk of our efforts today. This is a decision they need to make now. The US embassies still sends notice of private charters and commercial flights and many Americans and paid upwards of more than 2000 dollars per seat for take it from Lima to Miami once on US soil many Americans and adds a sellout additional cash to make it all the way home. And opens nation. Birds and birds and room. But did not. You know common goal early in the game the move comes from Miami fidelity to carve our breath a ball at Logan and sparks admitted. I just don't go back home. Now the actress says she's fortunate enough to be able to afford to wait public arena says her biggest challenge now it's being able to get out of there with her fiance and her soon to be child. If. Alejandro cannot get that piece in time and you have to make the decision of whether he will be without him to go back and had her baby in the US it and what do you think he'll do what we decide. Me about it Aaron in the human being really hard decision and we have. Have to take flick past Britney comes out. For now the two have decided to wait hoping the overwhelms consular staff can come through with Chris Gleason telling me. The young couple says they're hopeful and are looking forward to beginning their new life. He just starting their new family together in the United States. I ask do you feel it. An illness trusting whatever god has planned for us and whenever he has. For a silent except and that means that she has to go back here medical care that she needs. And I notice and he did best thing for RV and so I am gonna Santa Clara. Jerry Israel killing British accent is playing. And in really hoping that says the album is I'm here at half an hour something unique. ABC news know Maggie ruling in London.

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{"duration":"8:18","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli reports on Americans in Peru getting limited help from the U.S. government to return to the U.S. months into the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"71888008","title":"Americans stranded in South America ","url":"/International/video/americans-stranded-south-america-71888008"}