Sept. 5, 1997: Queen Elizabeth II addresses Princess Diana's death

The queen publicly addresses the death of Princess Diana for the first time.
5:16 | 04/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sept. 5, 1997: Queen Elizabeth II addresses Princess Diana's death
This is an ABC news special report. Now reporting from London Peter Jennings. Good afternoon everybody we interrupt your regular programming because Queen Elizabeth is about to address the British nation and given what an extraordinary week it has been since Princess Diana was killed. And given the worldwide interest we thought that you at home would like to hear it as well as Buckingham Palace with the royal standard flying on top of it. Indicating that the queen the duke of Edinburgh are now in residents. A couple of minutes ago we saw on the balcony affair. The windows open in the television lights inside as the queen prepares to make what is a very unusual. Public television statement. We're told that would be as much as anything he's tribute. Two Diana at the end of several days during which has been tremendous pressure on the royal family to make a more public appearance. Then they have to the enormous relief of many people here the queen and her husband seen down there in the foreground for the duke of Edinburgh. Return to Buckingham Palace just a short while ago. To see for themselves that enormous. Enormous display of flowers left here by. British citizens and others from around the world during the last couple of days. And then elsewhere that country has been much relieved to see that Prince Charles. And Diana's two sons have also returned from their seclusion in Scotland. And joined publicly which is very much the operative word here joined publicly. In that this experience. Which. Britain has been having. Since the princess of Wales was killed five years ago that of course is Prince William. And there also released late today the last pictures of Princess Diana leaving the Ritz Hotel on a security camera. Just before she was killed with her companion. Dodi five that's her security man who still lives in Paris. We're going to go now to Buckingham Palace where her majesty the queen makes as we've said and almost unique address. Since last Sunday is spent on news. We have seen thrive Britain and around the world. And an overwhelming expression of sadness Diana's death. We have all been trying and I different ways to pit. It is not easy to express a sense of loss. Since the initial assault and so often succeeded by mixture of other feelings. Disbelief. In comprehension. And and consent of those who remain. We oval felt there's emissions in these last few days. So watch ICQ now as your queen and as a grandmother. I say from my heart. Fast I won't pay tribute to Diana myself. She was an exceptional and gifted human beings. In good times and bad. He never lost her capacity to smile and off. Militants office but no warmth and kindness. I've modern respected to energy and commitment to others. And especially the Medivation and had two boys. This week moral weevil been trying to help William and Harry come to Thames with the devastating loss. That they in the rest of us of something. New one who knew Diana would end up against. Millions of others who never messed up but felt they knew remember. I for one believe there are lessons to be drawn from her life. And from the extraordinary and moving reaction to head it. I Shari no a contamination. To change my memory. This is a wholesaler an opportunity to meet on behalf of my feminine. And especially Prince Charles and William and Harry. To thank all of you who brought flowers. Sent messages and paid your respects and semi new ways to remarkable Paris and these acts of kindness have been a huge source of health and comfort. Also it's Arnold say it would Diana's family. And the family isn't this who died with. Hi ms. that they too have drawn strength from what has happened since last weekend. As they seek to heal Astoria. And then to face the future that I cannot run. I have to tomorrow and we can cool land and we off. Join in expressing I'd grief and Diana's loss. And gratitude. Or too short life. It isn't chops to shed to the co. The British nation unite she didn't grief and respect. Made then is who died rest in peace. And may we each and every one of us thank god for someone who made many many people acting.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"The queen publicly addresses the death of Princess Diana for the first time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"38482107","title":"Sept. 5, 1997: Queen Elizabeth II addresses Princess Diana's death","url":"/International/video/archival-video-queen-elizabeth-ii-addresses-princess-dianas-38482107"}