Eight arrested in connection to American kidnapping in Uganda

Ugandan police announce "some arrests of suspects" allegedly involved in kidnapping.
3:37 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Eight arrested in connection to American kidnapping in Uganda
New today police say they have made arrest related to the kidnapping. That American tourist while she was on safari and as we've reported she is now free along with her guy. In panel is on the ground there with the latest on ENI wanna know about the arrest what's new in this case. Yeah hi that Kimberly wolf puzzle that we set the same we're in the town of Kiki he. In the district of Koonunga why we're here because this is where the arrest some might step the cameras second a lot of comment. Just to push a little bit downtown just taking get it and of whereabouts we this is small provincial town but he's also a border town where on the Ugandan side. In the Democratic Republic of Congo is not very far away and this is where the surge is now focus I'll come back. Into Shelley Seattle's of people pushing kids coming back from school people. Heading back from work heading back and put. Evening mail but we know that these arrests to be made we spoke to local police commander. He said that eight arrests and tired Libby made in connection with the kidnapping then not saying. These all of the kidnappers but in connection with the kidnapping and that the investigation. Is still going on. Kim yes so we know that obviously need the tourist and her guide you were. Freed and their staple where they now. Get us right we believe there on the way my Tbilisi it would tried and tried to find out exactly where she is. And so fond Nolan so we know that she flew into the capital Kampala yesterday. We SoHo which she was handed over and custody of the local police authority the national police authority to the US embassy but after that would not quite shall. The driving interestingly I mean we're gonna touch with family. Just give you some sense weevil focused on the American woman. But the local drive we spoke to his family know him from new authorities had told them that he had been afraid. And send the last time we spoke to me he hadn't even had the opportunity to tolls though I think that has now changed. One other thing to bring up to speed on we know the president trump. Tweeted writes about this calling on the ugandans to rest those responsible otherwise tourist. Wouldn't feel safe about coming back if asked calls a lot of consternation on the ground. This region relies heavily on tourism. Has two main traits to main foreign traits in some senses of burning our hard currency has coffee and has tourist. This is an isolated incidents it is unprecedented. But of course Taurus will feel queasy until lays people during custody. The president of Uganda also tweeting saying look and he is safe to come back now to have the situation. Under control. Kim yen Ian just before we go I mean you men and you Don from the start of this case and now to the conclusion. What has it been like for you being there throughout they'll in the entire thing. Get good question because I think you know coiffed and we focus on the bad news in this job. And I have to say this is an incredible country I'm just blown away by it. The people a friend lay the very welcoming. A bit of how much for the very happy to see you the wildlife is just stunning I mean who were driving home after one of our life she said the night. Which can cross I heard the twenty elephants just wandering across the road. So it is an area of outstanding natural beauty and people really really rely on the tourism trade did they do need to resolve this however. And try and put it beyond them and move on because ugandans say what do you have trouble in America to. So let's keep everything in perspective came. Thank you so much he and we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Ugandan police announce \"some arrests of suspects\" allegedly involved in kidnapping.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62276728","title":"Eight arrested in connection to American kidnapping in Uganda","url":"/International/video/arrested-connection-american-kidnapping-uganda-62276728"}