Astronauts perform 200th spacewalk at International Space Station

Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fischer, both NASA astronauts, conducted the milestone.
5:00 | 05/14/17

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Transcript for Astronauts perform 200th spacewalk at International Space Station
Prefer if she can handle their. I couldn't care that I what is. Woodson and a Fisher currently performing what are known as buddy checks basically checking each other's space suit configuration. And does he simplified aid for EVA rescue that handles. On the to on each jet pack that they Wear. In the unlikely event they would require the use of those jet packs to fly back to the safety of the space station. More believe it until that creek. I think you're there can. That is affirmative does being expansion. Pedal. The last thing this little blip. They can work but he doesn't. And that for them. Colonel. Soaring. And of course we'll leave that ratchet tethered to the crew lock back to you and then translate to be bailed expect it each one. Later. She could do little vertically on that train them and and that you see that you get your beard he you think you've got a good body position to report. Oh or. Oh. It's in the middle and almost equity culture into the market and prepared for it. That pure electric that record. Approach. But the couldn't. Consumers don't post about it here. Don't your read on it. Liken it out. That I have to block who. But there is clear. Whole scandal. Oh. The currently there. They. Are. Kate thank you see you making your way up and they hear immediately below that look through them aluminum panel with decal on it. He's up to your left immediately behind of the radiator. There's been a good. Spansion underneath an ally. So you can put that Spansion of course I remember only light touch on the read here. Three hours 28 minutes into today's spacewalk an outstanding view of Jack Fisher. As he makes his way. Towards the Columbus module to retrieve a portable foot restraint. Charter cable that looks an awful lot like they get bitter. Oh. On this 200 space walk in support of space station assembly and maintenance so deleting view of Jack Fisher. As the International Space Station flies directly over Acapulco. They're great question. On your settings are going to be six clocking a six and it's going to be tango tango echo one. Oracle. Good words. And that you see you it. But the airlock. And Peggy you're coach you opened the pat thermal cover at this time mr. working on. Selling your expect that we'll look back. Oh. Approaching the West Coast of Peru Jack Fisher. With the articulating portable foot restraint there will be attached it to the side of pressurized mating adapter number three. This. To be pre staged for future space walking activity involving that work site. To which an international docking adapter will be attached for commercial crew vehicle stockings of the in the year years. When it's all sudden Don the only two tasks that appear to be left on done today are lower priority tasks. That being the installation of wireless antennas on the destiny laboratory. And the installation of a high definition camera out on the trust of the stations that work to be picked up on a future where ever deviate.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fischer, both NASA astronauts, conducted the milestone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47402947","title":"Astronauts perform 200th spacewalk at International Space Station","url":"/International/video/astronauts-perform-200th-spacewalk-international-space-station-47402947"}