Athletes Question Sochi Readiness Amid Living Conditions

One day before the games begin, finishing touches still being put on infrastructure.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Athletes Question Sochi Readiness Amid Living Conditions
This is a special room. Good afternoon anti Hernandez a New York but an ABC news digital special report. Look at -- had arrived in Sochi this video released just a short time ago. He thinks he exhausted construction crews -- try to finish. Building hotels a lot of work going on -- is seeing images. From work it's not quite been down what many people are seeing is there are riding -- is that bathroom not exactly the Waldorf there. Things that are unsettling. To people who arriving -- HA BC's Karen Travers joins us now live from Washington with more hello. Good afternoon -- okay if you ever plan an -- the dinner party a wedding shower or anything like that you know -- last minute things that have to get that now imagine that on a much grander scale. Russell -- -- years ago that they will be hosting the Olympics but they are scrambling now to get everything done. And it's all at the last minute. It's -- -- Olympics snuck up on Russia. One day before the games officially get under way finishing touches are still being put on infrastructure. Hotels are not completely ready. And now officials are scrambling to adjust the slopes -- snowboarding course after several athletes got hurt. This morning two time Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Shaun White said he's pulling out of that event because the risk of injury is not worth jeopardizing his other goals. Slow is in new Olympic sport exciting but dangerous the course Ryan 650. Feet the final jump is over seventy feet high. Picture six school buses stacked into and on top of each other. Yesterday white -- and jammed his wrist during a training run females no border crashed and suffered a concussion. And in Norwegian metal fevered broke his collarbone. But the is buzz in Sochi is about how unprepared. This city seems to beat. On the outside hotels -- sparkling new but inside. Take a look. This just tap water yes tap water the -- apple juice or beer too toxic to even wash your face. They're flushing but without paper. And these American snowboarders said there are OK but not quite finished you can tell in the rooms there's this subtle details that would normally be finished. -- -- -- -- dozens and dozens of rooms not ready for journalists whoever it's just absolutely an embarrassment. Snowboarding fans are expressing their disappointment and Shaun -- decision to pull out of that one event and tie that is quite a loss of star power for an Olympics that is already off to you what Iraqis start -- Right ABC's Karen Travers in Washington DC thank you so much for your report. And now let's go live to -- -- BC's Matt Gutman is there watching all of those last minute -- -- was talking about or perhaps -- -- are happening. That I give us the sense of what time it is there would've been like there and again thanks for joining us. Thanks it's 1030 years. Things are still very busy -- guarantee you in hotels across this area they're still working in. -- right this minute putting in elevators windows. -- shower -- things like that everything -- said this isn't hyperbole this is actually happening and it's not just two journalists were talking about athletes as well. We -- Canadian hockey team in these tiny tiny beds -- stacked together in a very spare. Spartan room not the exact type of accommodations like to be in the night or the week before major competitions -- For a lot of folks this is not the easiest of games and there's clearly a lot to be -- out about Shaun White this is a huge deal here. He is arguably the most recognizable face. In the entire Olympics had he been coming here are saying that he was going to win. Two golds -- style was a focus for him he's been practicing not these. I think it's -- 1280. Degree jump they didn't massive jumps. Eighty feet in the air now he backed out he is the third. Athlete to back out actually did did bow out. Of this -- style of it because of injury but finished no -- a female slammed her head had a concussion. And Norwegian male snow -- broke his collarbone also had to be carted off. This is a dangerous sport with really -- big jumps in of course major -- time. Out and and -- -- names have not yet even begun that I wanna take a look at some of the tweets. That we've been seeing people are you know getting there a word out through Twitter. Different images of hotels -- and wires hanging out of bathroom walls things like that. Let's see we have those we can show people what they look like there we go he -- you describe a lot of this you have cruise. Consistently out on the street that something you've been seeing work crews literally still trying to get everything done. It's really still hammering in cobble -- Yesterday I don't know if you guys but we did part of our peace was with the construction -- and I jumped on the steamroller. And -- I helped -- some of the road there now this road was up two one of the -- media sites. Up on the now the road did not exist -- we're talking three days before the Olympics. He couldn't get there by car. We came back there today. And we drove up -- -- that -- finished a couple of miles of road in a single day that's how frenetic the construction is yesterday. At this site. I came off the gondola that could drive up there and it said it's W -- -- Swiss -- but that's why should pursue its. Today we came back and it's as Swiss hotel. It -- -- on on the facade of the hotel which is not yet open. Everything you know things are definitely moving quickly but there is so much to do the sheer volume of hotel rooms that need to be completed is massive. We went to that hotel we went up to the second floor and there actually every floor they're still working on the elevators you see guys work made. In their socks on the carpet. Tinkering with the elevators they look at you you look at then. It's it's kind of an interesting experience gotta say -- everybody's been very very friendly. We've been able to photograph pretty much anything that we wanted so that has been a very. Nice surprise and to the Russians were grateful points. Seeking -- photographs that you yourself have treated a thing or two we have a picture. Some honey. Don't -- with a little guest in their -- -- tell and I -- that is that BI probe but I mean at least that would be. That was -- Chris -- of acuity that it that's where I thought it out no the Providence of that tiny. So I I actually -- around the honey because you know you can't let me go to waste so I -- around -- yet figured to be you know -- -- be. You know even for us and you don't talk about other journalists and athletes you know it not been that easy. Album my hotel room dozens of hot water still you know I've been here I guess that I left home on Sunday -- haven't had a hot showers since. So you know it's it's not that easy but things are definitely starting to pick up. And 48 hours the -- actually sooner than that the games actually begin we have qualifiers for. Slopes style snowboarding tomorrow morning here in less than twelve hours or so so. I think that the focus is going to start to shift from the fact that this is woefully under prepared in that. There is tremendous criticism not only about -- like Christine Brennan Greece on Karen Travers package but. Everybody here that these folks at -- adding years to prepare and it's still not done. And -- -- start shifting to the pretty incredible athletes here and the incredible feats that they're doing slope side. Is arguably the most amazing and the most dangerous you know these -- they're. Eighty feet in the air they're pulling tricks. Sean White pulled out and. You know we're talking not just that jammed wrist that he got we're talking he had slammed his face in Colorado last week as a giant -- Busted his shoulder I think a couple of months ago has a bad ankle that needs. These athletes are the now. These jobs are getting bigger the sport is getting bigger risk here on and it's taking the total a lot of these athletes -- wait to see what happens. Tomorrow night out you know that seems like an exception in terms of the snowboarding because it is a new event -- I think you know they're trying to work out the kinks and make little safe to about one week. -- go back and talk about the conditions at the hotel these present. A real danger for athletes Whitney unit you -- you don't have hot water at your hotel that could. You know when you're dealing with someone who's working out extensively trying to be in their best physical shape. Could really affect the body and also -- -- the food situation -- -- say tie Saturday in hot water -- you do know. But -- I don't know how I'm working harder. You deserve the hot water to you know -- concern about the physical condition of many Catholic but. I think -- I think rest is really the biggest issue for the athletes and if you're sleeping and -- sleeping in twins right so there there about this narrow. -- a lot of us have at two of them side by side one blanket you know pillow. It's not the most comfortable in these are athletes who are used to getting tremendous amount of sleep obviously their caloric intake is is. Well known immunity eat a lot they got to keep fueled up. And rested and I think there is some concern that they won't be as rested. As they hope to be. Four you know possibly the biggest athletic event of their lives and that just to show you that I care I understand that you've only had soup but so far today is -- Is the food situation okay. The food situation is -- when you can get it right so. And it's all about it it's all about time the athletes are doing fine don't worry about than they're getting their 9000 calories a day -- -- correspondents were withering away. -- -- -- OK well you know good to know that that so far no one has -- suffered any serious repercussions in terms of the accommodations. Interesting to follow up what goes on in terms of those snowboarding events. And good luck out there Matt -- and all of the reporters and athletes there in the Olympic city. Not what people had expected. This has been an ABC news digital special report -- -- Hernandez -- New York.

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{"id":22381677,"title":"Athletes Question Sochi Readiness Amid Living Conditions","duration":"3:00","description":"One day before the games begin, finishing touches still being put on infrastructure.","url":"/International/video/athletes-question-sochi-readiness-amid-living-conditions-22381677","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}