Australian TV crew finds missing woman

Heather Rae Ellis had been lost in the bush for 25 hours.
2:40 | 10/09/17

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Transcript for Australian TV crew finds missing woman
He sees the monument hit that Ellis night it back to safety and lakes really badly and highways into a violent and yet there they. It's it didn't build it ignorant. It's good. Just minutes Italy we discovered on the side of a lonely Scott Riva. This C hungry and tie it up to 25 Al lives lost in the bullish with hit the region moments ago. We rushed the 65 your world to safety dump him. And we'll put the dog as well I don't like to the police command polarized she told us this story. Early this morning I had the traffic. And according to some really think Morrison lost the sound the and so I had to being away and back again. And that's when they aren't just at the traffic so I just can't stop me until I. Really don't know bearings and just followed the sound of the traffic. The district tirade each time lost when she went for a war with head golden trade that is. In none up yesterday. I just us not us not very much oxygen atoms unbelievable. I've gone off track. And just wants us Barings. And as the temperature plunged prisoners. Dogs were even home. She made it big in a Holler tree in Kabul adults war unfortunately augmented abated with. Covering and all the rest of it not us in Baghdad and helicopter came up Uggla and her new homes trying to attracting attention. So art and hand out. Of course mosque where aren't obligated. Dozens of this he has crews and police withholding taxes and mrs. Ellis to hit husband to raise the allowed yesterday. She told nine news she could heat because dropping pop and that Kelly Culp I think. Capacity and if this constant basis this means. They can equity capital times. I'm. What's shiny in his right turn. She trekked through a few bullish and a small to finally make it to the roadside. Sometimes the visibility was on a couple made it's it was them very deeply in. What diners and it. Heather Ellis was reunited with their husbands and other family at Nat up hospital the soft denying an awfully fishy at the three adults we just stranded into the womb from an off.

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{"id":50366320,"title":"Australian TV crew finds missing woman","duration":"2:40","description":"Heather Rae Ellis had been lost in the bush for 25 hours.","url":"/International/video/australian-tv-crew-finds-missing-woman-50366320","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}