'Bear and the ladybug': American Gaylen Grandstaff's 2-year imprisonment in Russia

In Russia, fewer than 1% of criminal trials end in a not guilty verdict.
15:55 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for 'Bear and the ladybug': American Gaylen Grandstaff's 2-year imprisonment in Russia
We're in tool. Seem. It's worse than hell. And held in. Sells over overcrowded I've been forced to sleep on the floor. Gone without food for days at a time. This is severely beaten twice. Right now I'm just tired in the just want this to be over. In ten just one of them killed you couldn't back. A. He is is a Hewlett man and you have. Prone to she's. So he'd need met since. And when he ordered shipments of soda and Lloyd Hume towards. Something more should. I ordered a ten dollar bottle of metal cleaner and cleaner cleaning chemical from a. The seller asked to loan due went through ads this magic waterless cleaners you order. To which she said yes because there were some things that we need to clean and the house. We've got parcel the true order and open the door they do we read it mean prodded inside opened it. And in Egypt Lian. This coupled me it's later. Banging on the dole or. As who opened it in it's we had for customs officials together with with this says translator there own. I'll call attorney. They'll just rushed in to our apartment accusing Galen that he smuggled. Something that is prohibits it in Russia. Okay. Wolf course when they first told says this brewer. I mean we just tune couldn't believe it. So for buying the chemical they have charged me actually as a drugs. Thurston country careers that are this. Grain to believe we have write them right. Those things. I didn't know it was at risk when they first came to my home I was also assured that no one would take this seriously. When need worry that it was a formality that they bring him. Returned home two days. And friends and one assist and the police the investigation and he writes everything they could just sit there. We Mets in South Carolina Myrtle Beach in 2007. And with by the years later we move to law school and been working here and see English teachers. When now young was. Puts that was first arrested. He started drawing this could tune Bayer's that you would send to me in his letters because they're calling bear. She's a bear in them and he just value system. I'm just old ones around here and how he heals. And. There said there is they're happy bears and mayors that exit door. Hi my darling how are you because you weekends. This each Monday and Tuesday 503. They trust cops right. Should be full of my own now Israeli air. All those circumstances of that here. I don't trust him. Here the majority of people are narcotics dealers. Very different it's that they don't have anything. The prisoners have their own rules within the prison. Don't go along with it they market come because I read him. Have been attacked by number of individuals. Grouped together. Because I don't conform to there. Criminalized. So the abuses abuses though that list is extremely long. Despite my illness and went for several months without any medical intervention whatsoever even though I was asking for daily. I was harassed by guards on a constant basis there were times when as long as a month without being given a shower. Billups was first time he had told me today first time since September 20 you. I didn't hear the 62 days pounding got to walk outside teaching. If you don't receive the food packets and there is no food when 24 hours. It's a game last night I ate an apple two carrots and some real for dinner no breakfast today. Really me sound warnings together. My house fly. Since there are links mean. They know what I'm only complaining. The weekend's here of the hardest hate and now that's a dejected. It needs a lot of prayer it gives me hot and pushing it never come to Russia and tools for this. This one was and jaundiced cynical follow our anniversary. We had our eleven. Eleventh anniversary. In October and so I just down made to be cut out of him. And put a lady bike here related bugs being. So early to Barron bug and so I just I don't want to remove its. Like it here. And reminds me. To have him. There assists you know hidden message in the joining that he did buy and sell. I used. Love. He you know custody wouldn't talk with. They end up on ammunition they had been covered. Not luck with the tropical conditions to welcome thousand. That's. The school shouldn't says that's cool cool who both Brooklyn couple for the north it has to be just about a block. Four. That's not what's consistent hanging him. That she can do loans are typical but when. Yeah. They realized very early in the investigation that I don't even go to nightclubs. So he didn't make any sense that I would be they're selling drugs. And then they said well he goes to the gym he's fit. They tried to say that I was a true good shape for my age it must be drugs. In this country they don't think about justice they think about whoever is accused weakened that's just into the tool that they live by. Absolutely do not listen to the facts they don't look for the facts they look for ways to support theories. The take. Contrive against an individual. On the Sunday she just couldn't go to couples to thoughtful as bushman that I was tipped with a little within of the move to. Market tumbled which now Huffington former student gets to question and you put those some excellent summit seemed on residents blossoming. You will eat because I just kept almost and would probably lead into the conflict. But the machine that north maternal care and so I'm caught in that machine. So. They will convict him. Just a matter of time for how long. Whether it's ten minutes twenty. So it's a lamp to the judge him. And yeah. Later yeah. OK. Curtis. Okay. Yeah. News if he loses. A news you know. Kendall who we want to accuse them so. Only. Hillary there's. She was actually on brief excursion just for a few days with some friends of ours and I had encouraged her to go. It really shows clearly how much we did not expect this change of events. We could never anticipated or. Okay. And it's still a Visser real. Kind of hard to grasp and some of the normal things just traveling through metro. Things like that'd just. Sometimes I feel like there's one of me here there's one and we still insults Amare has just can't be real you know. I think maybe. That Clancy thanks sentence. Judy told me yeah I'm. The moment. My circumstances change. I mean freedom. But it's limited. It is an age. Yeah. Writes. I'm not allowed to go anywhere. Pack travel around the city of and right now and everybody's telling us we just have to wait we have to wait and see what went prosecution. Investigator doesn't case. So it's. I think that everything was cumulative. Good defense. Couple who have publicity. That. Paid out. That this all has not happening in secret like it would normally. I really thought it would be. I would simply feel free and wonderful. I don't know because kind of I was in long enough that it feels very strange to me very almost almost four and now to be out here and and to have space around me I think because Gordon had trouble that he Mohammed. I'm more I'm not supposed to be. Uncomfortable feeling the Senegalese. I'm very nervous even about going back repeal it. I'm an easy because I can walk into court free that day and walk back out in handcuffs. Every hour stalling kids so mean. Learn from the base year running in and Colin things seem to back quarter earning it and shocking and loses. Streaming over. It won't be over until my feet are on Americans. I have one Ewing. I'm story. It's my finger on at all and. It's.

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{"duration":"15:55","description":"In Russia, fewer than 1% of criminal trials end in a not guilty verdict.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63936989","title":"'Bear and the ladybug': American Gaylen Grandstaff's 2-year imprisonment in Russia","url":"/International/video/bear-ladybug-american-gaylen-grandstaffs-year-imprisonment-russia-63936989"}