Belarus resists lockdown measures

The Belarusian president shuns many of the safety measures other European countries have taken, and Belarus now ranks second for the fastest rate of COVID-19 infections in Europe.
5:17 | 05/12/20

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Transcript for Belarus resists lockdown measures
We have talked so much about lock downs and quarantined in recent weeks but what she lived in a country where the leaders said it was all unnecessary belarus' never imposed a lockdown to curb the spread income was nineteen and take a look at this. Thousands gathered in Minsk over the weekend for a military parade the president of -- Roos was also there in attendance. But many in the country are we hearing of the government's lax policies toward the virus and are taking measures now into their own hands CBC's Patrick regal has this report. Two weeks much of the world as being low down. But in Belarus things are a big difference. We'll assassinate the former Soviet country held its annual parade marking the end of World War II. Thousands of troops was like 101000 strict pizzas. No social distancing foremost new masks. Was just the latest example of the highly unusual approach to the virus taken in Belarus under this man. Is dictatorial leader Alex sounded nutrition. In Belarus no lockdown has been declared cafes and shops are open as a most workplaces. Are people go to church. Even the national soccer league has kept playing the only one. Lukashenko who rules as a strongman leader insists the virus is not that dangerous. The outside world he says has lost its mind. And look downs on necessary and a two economically damaging. I please Don't Ask Don't Tell us what's good and I think that's what I don't. She and the more on the lunch. When you live yeah. Another country has become well known for choosing to avoid district locked down Sweden. But in Sweden the government still imposed restrictions banning mass gatherings and telling people to social distance. But in Belarus that hasn't happened last month the government even forced people to say thought the Soviet style public would stay. In effect Belarus is carrying out a high stakes experiment for the rest of the world. What happens if you try to carry on a more or less is normal during the pandemic. Right now the World Health Organization is warning that the results of that experiment could be disastrous. According to the WHO Belarus has the second fastest growth rate of infections in Europe far more than its neighbors. So far what we have Zune from. These so called. Commend team or social physical distancing measures. Introduced him to let loose very par shows. And based on voluntarily. Moved so it's a voluntarily that it introduced in or implemented by citizens. So there is no adequate. Physical distancing measures which could recommend between recommended by the world hosts organization. The WHO has urged generous to implement quarantine measures such as closing schools and telling more people to work from home. Otherwise it warns hospitals could be overwhelmed. At the moment health scare capacity allows. Accommodating all the patients. But we these gross lease capacity can be very weak who leave. Exceed it. And then we will have a pro blend that people who would require medical assistance won't be able to get that. Belarus is official dates issues the country has almost 24 thousands confirmed corona virus cases. But I officially only a 135. Deaths a number experts believe is suspiciously low. In a country with few trust official statistics Minnie Baylor Russians in any case a taking their road in quarantine measures. People are avoiding those soccer games for instance. On a Filipino has isolated herself and her son at this summer house. But it means he must went everywhere there's restrictions on mass events and you're told you need to contact Celeste with people we have a parade. It's absolutely incomprehensible auction. I know that in Sweden they also haven't declared a quarantine if this is but the difference is that he seed and they honestly declares the statistics. How many infected how many death and in belarus'. In dollars it looks like the statistics aren't honest. Some doctors and hospitals have said Belarus is death toll is artificially low. But many fear punishment for speaking out. One doctor told ABC news some deaths among corona virus patients were being recorded under other courses such as far failure. And many hospitals there's also a shortage of protective Kia volunteers like Andre to cut short have taken on themselves to gather masts and other equipment. Horrible news for Coleman square hospital 200 respirators to 200 clubs. With the addition to up to today we've had 2000 appeals for help from health workers and for doctors it's very important psychological support because. They understand that they have been left alone with the stress. President Lukashenko has said he will be crude drawings in the bella roost will not suffer worse than other countries. Ordered regular Russians can only hope he's not Rome. Pension regal ABC news Dublin Ireland.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"The Belarusian president shuns many of the safety measures other European countries have taken, and Belarus now ranks second for the fastest rate of COVID-19 infections in Europe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"70627991","title":"Belarus resists lockdown measures","url":"/International/video/belarus-resists-lockdown-measures-70627991"}