Belarusians take to the streets after presidential elections

ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports on police violently cracking down on protesters as they dispute recent elections and demand a change in leadership.
4:15 | 08/13/20

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Transcript for Belarusians take to the streets after presidential elections
Secretary of state Mike Pompeo weighing in today on that controversial vote. That has left thousands of dollar is enraged and now on the streets demanding change Pompeo called the recent elections quote not free and fair and tonight. Outrage is building against Belarus strongman leader who once claimed Baraka make your calls it Patrick reed now has more. This is where protesters in Belarus is capital Minsk have faced since Sunday's election. A wall of steel brutal and indiscriminate violence from police. Security forces using stun grenades and what's it. Rubber bullets. The response from Belarus is authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko. To their demands that he step down yeah. I police attacking people at random. Hundreds injured at least one dead. Authorities say they've detained 6000 people over the last three days. Outside jails in Minsk dozens of people waiting for news on friends and relatives chip and. Yesterday in the evening my father was kidnapped because they were rocking on the streets when riot police who ran to them and took him to the police vehicle. Police to not give any information and showing for hours and RD pass since he was kidnapped but we have no information about his whereabouts. Authorities have tried to conceal the crackdown they shut down the Internet moost foreign media organizations including ABC news have been prevented from entering. We were able to speak to a journalist on the grounds. Third base nominated station and this is based soap organization based. And a desire of eagle. Made demands for change. Are unprecedented and it's let that parity is Russell's kids and me. Don have any limits anymore. No reason there are basically no rules. Lukashenko often referred to his Europe's last dictator has been in constant 26 years. He's faced protests before but not like this. The main difference now that's. Well again people protests across the country every red because everybody will yields to adopt. People want justice people want fan and pre Election Day ones they have rights to this accent but bailed bullets to be contents. And they've done seeded don't have it. The princess had been building before Sunday's election that gave Lukashenko AT percent of the vote the results most observers say of flagrant ballot rigging. His key opponents that on its economic sky only ends at the race after her husband's a popular blog was jailed until recently she was a stay at home mom. But her challenge to Lukashenko attracted unprecedented support. After the election she demanded Lukashenko handover power peacefully to her so that new elections can be held. She left the country implying her family had been threatened. Moon has nineteen Kendall. God forbid that you may face such a choice that I faced with the people please be careful you know life is a good price for what is happening now. Protest a continuing demanding that Lukashenko lead. And seeming still to grow. Today thousands of people peacefully demonstrated across Belarus. Kicked off by hundreds of women wearing whites in men's. An international outcry beginning to build schools within the European Union the sanctions the US saying it's considering its options. We want good outcomes for the Belarusian people and will take actions consistent with a whether that turns out to be sanctions are turns out to be making decisions about. Product deliveries clothes are all things that are yet to be determined. And then the rest the question now what happens. Who the protests grow with standing to crack down. Who will the regime managed to bludgeon them away. It could dozens that if the percent had documents. Treated progressives in this raid that'll be in more than he ever try. And CE. Bulger and you sustain our agency has already shown best cuts at a single time with people. So angry they have so many reasons police this content and this amount to sit here pension illegals for ABC news life.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports on police violently cracking down on protesters as they dispute recent elections and demand a change in leadership.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72339481","title":"Belarusians take to the streets after presidential elections","url":"/International/video/belarusians-streets-presidential-elections-72339481"}