School Children Targeted in Suicide Bombing in Nigeria

Boko Haram, the group behind the mass schoolgirls kidnapping suspected to be behind latest attack.
8:02 | 11/10/14

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Transcript for School Children Targeted in Suicide Bombing in Nigeria
You can. School children targeted in a suicide bombing in Nigeria. Just a few hours away from where more than 200 girls were kidnapped by the extremist group but alcohol Rahm. Earlier this year right now. The international hot spot Nigeria. Though when I'm Dan Cutler in New York. At least forty people were killed dozens more injured at the attack in the science college in northeastern Nigeria. Officials as suicide bomber was disguised in a school uniform. Today's attack happened in the town opposed to skip a few hours from your book and his where the school girls were abducted from. In April. For more from debris and ABC's international affairs correspondent Anne MacDonald. In London Hamlisch you what do we know what tack. As you say at least forty killed today that money that is standing at around 46. Around it I see people. Injured as a result of that attack now it happened at 8:10 AM local time just as the school assembly. Whose meetings that are clearly. Indeed the case was calculating it four maximum impact when he of the schooled children would get in one place once fine. At this out of this school. It's a little boxes were being reported of Boca around. But clearly didn't number of people killed and injured in a slump. Potency. As far as the words at attacks by Iran and Nigeria consent. Have they claim is that group claimed responsibility for his attacks in did they claim responsibility. When those initial group of schoolchildren were first abducted. In this instance not a hat now really does blogger I'm actually planning. Responsibility for attacks and it carries. Certainly pools this speculation. He's focused on well around the Nigerian police already sign that they believe. Iran is responsible. Remember that I have a track record who that specifically targeting schools. School children and school teaches. In the instance of the missing school goes out and I did claimed responsibility. Cash cow has it published a number of videos. Is also of India has put out with the school girls. Iran has been very vocal and has ceased and an incident media messaging. In relation to the kidnaps who goes. But in terms of these suicide attacks or blowing campaigns. Eight it it's calling that they do not and that claimed responsibility even notre the evidence points and then. How many of us to hurt school girls are abducted have any of them are released. Has been a lot of speculation about small numbers of bills to a three here in net. Escaping it must be said he's never really been any incidents that apart from small pocket of girls that is guiding the initial data eased. Off today were abducted. There is an Australian British. Priests here it has appointed himself as some kind of negotiate. Between the government to borrow around. In northeastern Nigeria and he has come out and a number occasions. And claims that goes have a schedule of being relates. There has never been any evidence Arafat suit truth that's happened since that initial period up to the kidnapping. I don't what we have ID is very intense effort by the Nigerian government led by the military in fat to negotiate with opera problem. And tried students security goes freedom. Complication is that are always a very disparate group. Doesn't have a studio stable or even clear leadership. And that makes it very deep Eagles and Nigeria's leaders tonight who in fact they're talking to you. With an excellent and it rocked people whether or not those people even had a we innate gift. To release those skills what what its target schoolchildren in the first place. Well there's anybody believe in anymore are on sale means something lie. West and education needs to be in there are some of us actually doesn't quite mean that. But certainly in messages the united out our campaign made me Karen Adams got Obama camp and the last five used. Regularly targeting. Schools in particular school girls. I believe that are only boys should be given an education. If that's. That's certainly girls have no place. And I ride to expect. That they should be out there and seeing traveling to Nigeria his flu this year we've been to schools that have come under attack. Two area is it didn't in and around the capital Abuja. Have come under attack. And schoolchildren are genuinely afraid of and that he would he's very loud explosions. I know of their fellow students being inducted I've met some of the families if it goes. And a kidnapped. And it there isn't very real exert significant Thea that you must bear in mind hitting Nigeria. To get an education as a treasured thing it surprised being it's not something that everyone has access to news. You don't really hear children complaining about going to school like you might in a developed west and nation. If your child hasn't placing a school activity there are grateful for. They're enthusiastic about it. We seem to think that the he's been having a better future. What exactly then does this do to the relationship between the government and Nigeria and Boca Iran the government said that its. Negotiated cease fire truce. With a group then does it does it make it less likely. To get the secure that from those school kids. That's very important question I don't think anyone honestly has the oxygen it but clearly in Nigerian government he's an enormous under enormous amounts of pressure. Have produced some results announced just a few weeks ago there that Nigeria's military chiefs made a statement saying that at the conclusion of a month of negotiations would welcome Rahm they'd agree to cease fire it was coming into effect immediately. And that it goes would you be released there's 200 girls from should all would you be released. Imminent now that has not happened and since that announcement was made it has been continuing widely all the tax viable or rob. But even in northeastern Nigeria there are three provinces remain the three studies. I've been armed are on the emergency rule went well problem has been effectively. Wreaking Havoc. For some time. Now the fact that we cease fire is clearly not holding. Clearly has notre. Substance to it. Is hugely embarrassing and Nigeria's military and government. And you seen today. There are incredible ages all at the moment now the arrows are these particular. Attack happened and Nancy Scott. And an insult is that were were attacked by. Teaches and parents and crowd that it got dead because. Their reputation. The trust that people have. In Nigeria's military. Is diminishing so greatly. Remember that Nigeria is. The biggest population. And any single country in Africa it has an enormous military. That it cannot. Quell the uprising by Boca Iran. It isn't very big challenge to the authority of Nigeria's military. It also attitudes government and president good luck Jonathan who. Remember wants to be reelected as president. ABC's international affairs correspondent Harris McDonald in London image thank you for that appreciate that. Of course you keep up to date with this story in real time by downloading a BC news App Store and story for exclusive updates on the go. You know watching international hot spot and damned popular New York.

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"Boko Haram, the group behind the mass schoolgirls kidnapping suspected to be behind latest attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"26814097","title":"School Children Targeted in Suicide Bombing in Nigeria","url":"/International/video/boko-haram-school-children-targeted-suicide-bombing-nigeria-26814097"}