Boris Johnson Questioned Over Past Comments About Obama, Clinton

Britain's foreign secretary says his "rich thesaurus" of previous remarks were taken out of context.
2:58 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Boris Johnson Questioned Over Past Comments About Obama, Clinton
Thank you have a question for each of you as well first mrs. mr. foreign secretary I have to follow up on my colleagues questioned you didn't. Quite answer that you you've accused the current US president Barack Obama harboring a park Kenyans quote ancestral dislike for the British empire. Unquote while claiming. I think and truthfully at the time that he didn't wanna Churchill bust in the White House. You've described the possible future US president Hillary Clinton and as someone with quote dyed blond hair and pouting lips and his steely police there. But the sadistic owners in a mental hospital and quote. You've also likened her to lady Macbeth. Do you take these comments. Or do you want to take him with you and your new job as some sort of indicator. Of the type of diplomacy. You practice and then. Kirk the secretary of state. Given that mr. Johnson led a companion that your government. Viewed. Pretty universally is. Detrimental to UK EU and even US interests. What confidence do you have that is foreign secretary mr. Johnson will represent the interest of anyone but himself. Is the mister Johnson you saw during the referendum campaign what the UK EU and US needs right now time so many challenges I couldn't hear the lessons as is. The mister Johnson you saw campaigning before the referendum that type of man you think the UK the EU and the US needs. Right now. At a time of so many challenges. Yet it. Okay you wanted to go first and you go well just just don't took. Thank you for giving me an opportunity wreaked or repeat. Point I made an era. I'm afraid that in the if there's a sort of rich with some snow all things right said to have been. One way or not through what ultimately I due Norton somehow misconstrued. That it would pretty take too long. To engage Nate who would lead to injury apology to tool concerned. I'm and and I think most people. Most people them read these things in their proper context. Can see exactly what was intended indeed I find it but everybody domestic partners to understands that very well particularly. Own the national ski and we have some very serious issues before us Tuesday. We. An unfolding humanitarian crisis in Syria which as I said I did wrong is getting. Us and us we have to come out tomorrow we have real problems he. Yemen which currently intractable. And be having a burgeoning crisis. In each. That is to my mind off or more important than. And he predicted. That you made decent. That you. Use.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Britain's foreign secretary says his \"rich thesaurus\" of previous remarks were taken out of context.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"40704270","title":"Boris Johnson Questioned Over Past Comments About Obama, Clinton","url":"/International/video/boris-johnson-questioned-past-comments-obama-clinton-40704270"}