Boris Johnson returns to UK after Supreme Court ruling

Britain’s Supreme Court ruled the prime minister’s five-week suspension illegal.
2:02 | 09/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boris Johnson returns to UK after Supreme Court ruling
You can even believe it we're turning to another embattled leader. With chaotic politics UK prime minister. Boris Johnson back in the UK after the Supreme Court ruled his five week suspension was illegals I want to bring in Julie McFarland. With the latest on Juliet good to see you so he flew back from New York today and he had a phone call with the queen. Take him to me exactly it was got a bone Michelle Supreme Court reeling yesterday. Eyes he said that found his suspension of parliament. On not lawful that sent shockwaves. Across the United Kingdom that was felt across the Atlantic nation. Of course as Boris Johnson was forced to cut short his trip to the US I'm comeback. To the UK to face the music. This morning one pundits call. Observer onto its amazing that broad causes. Had jogged at Helen called says. To follow the prime minister's car tracking his Johnny from heat that would back to what's been stuck. Like he was AJ Simpson now he is due to speak in that house of house of commons in just a few minutes. And he will be facing an incredibly whole style crowd. Although lawmakers all morning his sins and he's have come back. To parliament. He has there have been calls for him to stand down immediately. Politicians have called him a disgraced he's been cold. A zone be prime minister by the Scots now the PMs options are running out because we of course how about Halloween Bre X that deadline. The attorney general this morning hinting that the government wants one lost attempts to try and get a general election to try and strengthen the prime minister's hands. So I mean can believe if things start to get a little bit quiet and a Deron Washington. I can guarantee you the next few weeks here in the UK we can keep you very apparent busy and and ten day they have. Oh my goodness I don't think we can keep up I really think we can keep. Jillian MacFarlane our London bureau thank you so much it's.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Britain’s Supreme Court ruled the prime minister’s five-week suspension illegal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65854465","title":"Boris Johnson returns to UK after Supreme Court ruling","url":"/International/video/boris-johnson-returns-uk-supreme-court-ruling-65854465"}