Boris Johnson wins UK election

Johnson's Conservative Party won a huge victory in the closely watched election.
1:41 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Boris Johnson wins UK election
I hereby declare that said Boris Johnson is unique in that. A landslide victory for Boris Johnson. I. His Conservative Party winning by the largest majority in decades. Gaining control of parliament for the next five years we will that lost be able to. Who do lots. Couldn't pay attention. Dubbed the bread selection more than three and a half years after the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Johnson ran a platform of finally delivering Greg's it to the people before January 31. Overnight victory all but guarantee that promise we won't get Rex the home. Old time. By the thirty posted January surprised Johnson. It was to Alter the USA. Both sides running campaigns characterized by disinformation. For labour a lead to their biggest defeat since 1935. Obviously the race have them. Result was achieved and very sad that those colleagues that lost this seats in the election. Many of the poorest communities I think suffer very about the from the economic strategy that suspects the prime minister will take forward. President trump was printed tweeted a congratulations to his longtime friend Boris Johnson saying. Britain the United States will now be free to strike a massive new trade deal after Briggs it celebrate Boris. Another group gaming and seeks. And power is a Scottish National Party now they ran a platform of remaining in the European Union which could lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom. It'll be just one more problem the Boris Johnson have to deal with in the new year. Maggie really ABC news London.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Johnson's Conservative Party won a huge victory in the closely watched election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67719769","title":"Boris Johnson wins UK election","url":"/International/video/boris-johnson-wins-uk-election-67719769"}