Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament ruled illegal

The Supreme Court ruled newly elected Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend Parliament for five weeks to work on Brexit unlawful.
2:27 | 09/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament ruled illegal
We move overseas into the ever interesting politics of the UK. Another blow for prime minister Boris Johnson this comes after the Supreme Court ruled his decision to suspend parliament for five weeks leading up to the country's Braxton deadline. Was illegals I want to bring in Ian panel. In our London bureau. This is great time AME Hewlett joking about. The mood of the political clouds with a real glad to real right that is the supreme cool behind me. Today they issued fifteen judgment essentially not saying the board Johnson liked to equate. But that he is advised with illegal. Suspend parliament to apply. For five solid weeks. Now what we have going on now is the Supreme Court said the advice is illegal the speaker of the parliament catamounts offense he said Palmer has the six. He did threaten the very worried through the rain that we can. Abraham Lincoln and over on the outside death. When sworn camera around just a little bit through the rain. Bob Nelson Mandela or over to that night. And over here we have Mahatma Gandhi this isn't an area that is enshrined in history but celebration of democratic movements. I'm the god rewards that they've moved by Boris Johnson was Tennessee undemocratic. And many viewers say yes he did lied to the queen that's not what the court ruled. Very interesting. Revenue again that he will do well I think it's almost inevitable these guns are have to. That may well be a vote of no confidence in him over the parliamentary procedure is unclear. And nuclear facing days Rex six cry sits at the end of October. And the argument was that this suspension of parliament's. Seven by the opposition the argument was that this was illegal because parliament should be debating what happened with directed were the decisions that should be taken. Work toward Johnson said that isn't just the normal procedure to allow the development of new legislation. So he is expected to come back KF there will be calls his resignation he's already said no he's not going to resign. But they've cross safely weather crisis is political crisis that constitutional or legal crisis in Britain. Is only getting worse. I write in panel in London thank you so much for the updates we appreciate that. Can stay dry he.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"The Supreme Court ruled newly elected Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend Parliament for five weeks to work on Brexit unlawful.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65829368","title":"Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament ruled illegal","url":"/International/video/boris-johnsons-suspension-parliament-ruled-illegal-65829368"}