Boston Red Sox legend shot

David "Big Papi" Ortiz was hospitalized after being shot at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic.
3:18 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for Boston Red Sox legend shot
And guys and they want to be poppy Boston Red Sox legend. David Ortiz was shot at a nightclub. In the Dominican Republic in according to his father. The bullet entered or teases back in an exit it through his abdomen he had to have surgery at a hospital in Santa Domingo. And is currently in recovery so want to go to ESPN's Jeff pass and with more. Jeff. Can we just start with why this may have happened in Powell un David's doing now. Well Kimberly it's uncle. Clear at this point what the motive behind the shooting was police do have at least one man a 25 year old in custody right now he was found at the scene. Beaten by eight. Friends fans. People on the scene of David Ortiz afterward. David Ortiz went to the hospital as you said. Had surgery overnight lasted a few hours there was an internal organ damage. He had some damage near his liver than to take out his gallbladder as well as part of his intestine but. Is said to be doing OK right now and at least resting under sedation. This is this is been an incident that really shaken the core of the Dominican Republic David Ortiz is regarded. As a hero there and in a baseball mad country he might be the biggest baseball so. Our goal. Again do we know why he was actually in the Dominican Republic at this time. You know he lives down there during the season and then sort of commutes back and forth between the DR and Boston so hey he spends a lot of time down Larry you know Dave Dougherty is grew up really poor and end. Loves the fact that he can go back down to the place that he feels made him. And and help out and spend time with those who feels like are his people and so. You know there are a lot of athletes who when they make money they end up leaving the place that they grow up behind David Ortiz has never been that type of person. And so on as we said he's and he's in recovery and do we know if he's going to stay in Dominican Republic while he is getting through this. Well the Boston Red Sox have offered a private jets is bring him to the United States for whatever medical care he needs is just. Goes to show how B love in the guy is I mean he is as much of a hero as he is in the Dominican Republic he's the same and possibly everybody remembers that. After the Boston bombing David Ortiz was the one. Who said this is our city and it was a defining moment I think that really. Brought the city of Boston together and and his cemented him on its mount Rushmore. Sports and so. Everybody in not just in the baseball world not just in Boston not just in the Dominican Republic we're talking about. A popular figure worldwide here and everyone really is rooting for him to make a full recovery which his father said. He is going to do. Yes we certainly hope so mommy goes without saying that we're happy that he is. A live so want to thank ESPN's Jeff pass in for being with us today thank you.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"David \"Big Papi\" Ortiz was hospitalized after being shot at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63609213","title":"Boston Red Sox legend shot","url":"/International/video/boston-red-sox-legend-shot-63609213"}