2 boys rescued from Thai cave

Special breaking news report as 2 out of the 12 boys have been rescued from the flooded cave in Thailand.
8:29 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for 2 boys rescued from Thai cave
Announcer: This is an ABC news special report. Thailand rescue, race against time. Good morning, I'm danris in York alongside Faris. We're breakinno network programming toiveou the great news that tf the boys fromhat cave in and have been brought out and te alive and they are being brought to the hospital right no Yeah, two of the 12 and the strategy there was to take the weakest boys out first. Matt Gutman is on theund E and, Matt, what can Y tell us abouose two boys that have been rescued alive? Reporter: Well, W know that they're right N INT ambulance on the way to the hosp. We don't know anything Abo aity here just outside that checkpoint behind me. 1,000 yards up THA dir road, I don't know if you can see it the rk, is the entrance to the cave. Those two boys coming out in see ambulances, fspaced a couple of minutes apar a treous frenzy here, especially Amo the reporters, and you can imagine the fng all over this country and across the world as we now K that at leaso of these young Sr players are out of there. Just seconds ago we saw another ambulance goi ino there's now additional hope that perhaps a thirdill be extracted hopefullyy soon. Matt, this is going to take a long time because they're cg out in groups of four. Can youells exactly the protocol here?eporter: Each onethe childrthe young men, is being brought out with twouddy divers assisting them throughou th entire journey. Some of Thay they're going to have to actually dive and suppose have D, going U water for short periods oftime. We know thatrews have been working around week to LE out the top of the cavesnd give thebreathing room and float part of wa ev though this is an arduous journey -- We may have lost the audioconnection to ABC's Matt Gutman so let's G to abc'sames Longman who has also been covering this story from the jump. James, we were listening to M talkbout this rescue process. While it iat news that two boys ABC news has crmed have en brought out alive, W makes this news even cheerier is that we' beentold, ABC news has, that they're start with the weakest boys. So if they're able to get the wet boysout, doesn't that give us somimism abouthe rest of the team and the coach? Reporter: Abso, Dan. That is absolutely the thing thatryone here is thinking can't tell you the antition we ha been feg here in the jungle watching this Roa behind me. When T ambces came out, the shock here was just extr extraordinary. We knew it was coming, but remember,n we first arr here in Thailand, we thought E boys were missing, esumed dead. And now the weamong them, as you say,ld have B found -- they have now bee found and we stood here and we watched the ambulances flickered through the be us the first and then nd very slowly to make sure obviously that their precious rgo was okay inside. We understand T they M their way to alicopter, ABC understands, and they mad their way T the hospital in Chiang rai. This is just extraordinary, but yes, we should urge caution because, you know, this is a long wayo go too out, but now theest of the team and their soccer coachre still waiting. Right, S twooys have made it out. We Stille ten more boys and then the coachning. The boys have been there for 16 da we have T remember that they're ak but they say they were ready forhis mission. Their families say they W re the rains are coming. The mons coming which is why they had to do this right now. James, can tell us -- we knowye escorted out by .E.A.L.S but this operation is G T take quite some time, correct? Eporter: Yes, I mean, the operation to begin thise began at a. Local time and now we're wnto the evening here inthailand. Understood the journey to get to where they were, some them ill obviously remain, was hourive hours ibly. The rescue diverse to G there, get them read talk to them presly, get them in the right frame OFD a then bring them out. Understand Thi could take three, possibly four days to complete. That tunnel, most it is still submerged in water. The big issue always was from they beginning water level. They have been pumping out llions of gallons of water to bringt down. Their hand was for because ofthe water but it seems hope I alive because the weakest have been brought out and seem to be on way to T hospital. We don't know theirondition but we're all png that it's okay. S, thank you. Such great news two boys, and we're hearing reports that there may bee that hav me it out of the tunnel. Les go back to Matt. Matt, what can you tell us? Reporter: Ys, just confirmed that there are goi to be F of those young Bo, they are the wea of the 12 who are going to brought tonight. Now, minutes when spoke ier said I saw a third bulance G in and just secondsag another ambulance made its way uphat hill. That is excngly good news. There are a number O places and chambers inside the cave wher the boys and the divers can have some time to rest. A little bitf a rest and to get medic checkup. They're also doing S sort of triage outside the cave. But the fact thathey're ready to transport them via aance a hospital or a helicopter T get them there is exceedingly good news. In addition that, the at they actually made it out is G because it tells us they atrong enough to do it ands you guys have all mentioned, the rest of them are evenore fit and able to finishthis Jo so a tremendous amount jubilation here. People are very exd. The ve, the complications. Aside from T water a obviously the treacherous ceilings -- we were cave today, those rocksre incredibly sharp, but in addition that, there has been this dasing level of oxygen the cave. Right now it'sbout 17%. That means it's the CNT of oxygen that you exhale S it's not some that you want to Brea F too long and that' they are so eager to G them out as quickly and obviously as safely as possible. His is a tremendous achievement. I know it's not overut it's a trdous achievement and an enormous amount of planning and prre and emotion involve here. Matt Gutman, thank you. Let's go toospital now where those boy and their coach will bought once presumably th allout, the four boys that we belie are out at this point are on route or east some them are on Ute. ABC's Adrienne Bankert is right there. Adrienne, what can you tell us? Reporter: We have confirmed with police spokesperson from the hospital here the scene as well as the U.S. State department that two ofse have been treated by field me and they're on their way to the hecopter. Now, they'll go by ambulance to the helicopter which will the ene. Helicopter pad is about a one to two kilometer , about a seven-te drive to hospital in Chiang rai. Right behis here the roads continue to be close they await those ambulance. Again confirming that one ambulance I assigned to each boy. You've heard Matt and J talk about how the weakest H exited the cave firstut rtainly those families who have been waiting for days and weeks to see whathe status of their children is at all are here, I sure, with tears of joy, elated that there's some good nto report here on this story that the world is watching. Dan and Paul. Elation well deserved. Adrienne Bankert, thank you. I wan to clarify again, ABC news has learned the breaking news that 2 of the 12 boys have been taken of that cave in thaila we're also hearing reportst twoe may be close to making their W out. A great piece of news but much more to done. And we want to return youo regular programming which for maf on the east coast will B "Goodning America" and a reminder we'll be covering the story, this R mission in thnd, tghout the day right here at ABC news and at abcnews.com. Thanks for joining us on this repoci

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{"duration":"8:29","description":"Special breaking news report as 2 out of the 12 boys have been rescued from the flooded cave in Thailand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56439998","title":"2 boys rescued from Thai cave","url":"/International/video/boys-rescued-thai-cave-56439998"}