Brexit chaos continues

Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces backlash over Parliament suspension after members demand Johnson reverse the decision.
3:18 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Brexit chaos continues
We're gonna move overseas to the UK. Where there's more news concerning prime minister Boris Johnson and and his actions and parliament and whether they were lawful or not so I am not going to pretend. To fully understand SI want to bring in James Longman in our London bureau James hi good to see you. I want you catching me like a five year old and rate does down again for us. Okay candidates if you take nothing else away from what I'm about to tell you. Understand this for the first time a UK court house found that a prime minister. Has misled the moment. Basically that Boris Johnson lol I eat to the queen that is what the UK court. Say it happens they've agreed with the plaintiff now this is obviously up for appeal the government is that this isn't the case. But for the moment as things stand today that's is what to UK coal has found and it is pretty extraordinary relive. In extraordinary times that's 31 little bit. To explain exactly how we came to this position it's a wall around. The suspension all of Holloman now it's called pro eroding parliament and it's a kind of a normal pol to vol ceremonial life in this country it's. It it's just really it's a formality really. I'm what happens is basically when a new government comes into power they want to present that domestic agenda. To the country and it's done in the form of what school to queen's speech that is the queen getting up in front of parliament. In order to reach out to speak basically that the government has written four it'll decide to go to do dot need to suspend parliament so the ceremony. Can take place and normally only happens the maybe 56 days maybe two weeks. This particular suspension. Was puts in place by Boris Johnson for five weeks now. His his that critics who say and in this case the lawmakers who took this case to the court in Scotland said now this flight week. Period is on reasonable. And he did it because. He wanted to didn't two to make soul that will make his didn't have a chance to stop him from pushing the UK out of the European Union. With a no deal breaks it because remember that deadline is October 31 so by slapping this five week gap this five week recess and what he was doing was basically stopping them from getting in his way going around. The democratic process and what happened today was that he UK court basically said yes we agree we think that Boris Johnson did just that. And he lied to the queen to get his primary patient so it's pretty extraordinary the next step is basically that. There has been an appeal. Another cool by the way in the United Kingdom did side of the government so of these cool case is going to be put into one next week at the UK Supreme Court. They are going to rule miss but things a bubbling away in the meantime because. His opposition always opposition lawmakers in Pullman have seen their opportunity to say well look the suspension no longer stands that's got to sit in parliament and as we speak. And p.'s all on opposition benches of the sliding whether or not they can stage. You know a pretty visual. Kind of protest by gutting into the house of parliament sitting on those green benches so look it is another chapter in a very very complicated story. But it is a pretty big one and where old just enjoying the drama apartment thing else. I appreciate that and you just have to promise that as this proceeds you're gonna keep us updated right. I will try mountains just minutes we appreciated James long man in our London bureau thank you.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces backlash over Parliament suspension after members demand Johnson reverse the decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65541563","title":"Brexit chaos continues","url":"/International/video/brexit-chaos-continues-65541563"}