Search Effort Intensifies for Abducted School Girls in Nigeria

Government and Boko Haram start dialogue for release of 200+ kidnapped girls.
8:45 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Search Effort Intensifies for Abducted School Girls in Nigeria
-- In various. -- it let us not just this next season. School girls and Nigeria are taking final exams and remembering the more than 200 girls still missing. Who are not taking them captured by vocal Iran. The school girls seen here -- covered in Islamic head scarves and -- Muslim prayers. The talks are underway now between the militant group behind the abduction of the Nigerian government discussing the release of the girls right now. International hot spot Nigeria. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York American experts on the ground and American aircraft in the skies over Nigeria. The nearly 300 girls were taken for weeks ago now from the town of chip -- Towards the Nigerian border officials now think that the girls are being held in the -- -- of forest where American aircraft equipped with surveillance gear. Are flying overhead. But that area known to be a hideout of locals -- -- is the size of West Virginia. ABC's -- MacDonald is there and I was Nigeria and joins us now for the latest on the efforts to rescue the girl. ABC news can confirm that Nigeria's government is talking to the senior leadership. All of Boca high around but there's an important distinction it is not negotiating -- Boca are on for the release or exchange of prisons. And this morning the USC's sharing vital intelligence -- Nigeria. Had to go to satellite imagery running manned surveillance flights to help find those kidnapped co owns this video may prove their alive. Claiming to show at least a hundred of the missing dressed in full length veils and chanting verses from the -- run. When the bureau of alcohol -- says that being converted to Islam. He wants to exchange the goes for prisoners Nigeria's government is talking to the group's -- -- -- But are not negotiating he's dialogue the same as negotiations. Definitely delegates look at them with that was Haitians. It was issuance eyes weighing people who begin to give and take intelligence analysts -- now scouring the video for clues. You can see large spaces between the trees which means had a drone been flying overhead when this happened. They would have seen these -- new images from about the burnt out school remnants of the -- when I was sleeping. In the ashes all that's -- -- this school -- It's clear that the United States and the United Kingdom increasing their efforts to help in the search for these missing goes. But -- -- point out this trial is now full week sells. The man not holding out a lot of -- -- McDonald ABC news -- -- night. While the world's focus has been on the missing girls in Nigeria -- Iran's activities are not new there. In fact -- raid just two days ago left nearly 350. People dead in the northeast of the country the BBC's John Simpson is in the -- province and has spent on the search for the girls in the crimes overlooked. Because of it. And -- 136. Students most of whom Christian until -- month -- obedient he told the first part of the Courant. -- -- -- -- -- if you look closely not all the of them are Chauncey. It's the first site to help them yet more than half the 270. Or so goes who were kidnapped -- here. With that because they refused to convert tool for some other reason we don't know. One of the -- has led to the front of the crowd and told to give up a Muslim name rather than a Christian -- she's clearly frightened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- you an idea in the video Boko -- -- leader Abubakar should -- Who -- to be flamboyant. Clever and mocking -- launches until long harangue. I think -- -- out. How about that. These go still so concerned with he says we've liberated them they become Muslims this staying with us. More than Clinton concede. -- set when a Yuba I lumps on his desperate for news of the girls. He's made that dangerous journey from two book where they were kidnapped here too might do -- No fewer than six of his relatives were taken sisters nieces Constance. That he can't spot them in the Padilla. This. Must be pretty shook his plea to seasons he's running moves through the moment. -- -- -- city. This is anyone ET's. He's he's accorded to -- his own -- it. There's money put into people's income and he took up is limited and even we have the right to choose -- -- note. -- -- Good morning and thank you very much an account. This whole pot of Nigeria is cocoa powder on territory and to get grounded to -- fire pot looks off into. We had -- -- official vehicles packed with armed men to goddess. We are going with the local government was heading off to the scene of one of the worst attacks here. It happens last week and -- guess he reports seeing people within Nigeria. This season's styles territory. Road when driving on would normally be very busy thanks to what extent because no one wants to -- -- -- often. We've been tossing villages to deserted because. This again. After a couple of hours we reach the town of -- -- The bridge outside -- had been blown up last Wednesday. But two days -- gamble or it was hit by an army of cocoa powder out -- They arrived at 130 in the -- to -- We counted hundreds of burned out cars vocal -- didn't want anyone following them off to its. And they massacred 375. People again almost unnoticed in the outside world. -- since it was simply destroyed. The sheer scale of the destruction yet is quite extraordinary. I -- -- expected this. You have to remember all the attention around the world who has been on the abduction of nearly 300 school -- but this is going on. -- look -- in this part of Nigeria. The company came here to a think he'll put money. But the -- business of working themselves up into a frenzy of anger. The Nigerian company should be doing so little to find -- -- around. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Getting quite angry and this would love -- musicals that danger still -- Well when Republicans did -- no -- -- I'm really -- them. -- -- -- It's -- good news and there was -- -- -- was lucky to get away on -- Police anger isn't surprising. People here feel possibly abandoned. But it can't understand why -- world has so much about the missing school goes. Seems to -- certainly -- about the destruction of the need time time. -- Simpson BBC news woman state -- northeastern Nigeria. Say what ABC news for the latest on the search and rescue efforts for the kidnapped Nigerian girls. You can also keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"8:45","description":"Government and Boko Haram start dialogue for release of 200+ kidnapped girls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23704163","title":"Search Effort Intensifies for Abducted School Girls in Nigeria","url":"/International/video/bring-back-girls-search-effort-intensifies-abducted-school-23704163"}