British prime minister resigns

Theresa May leaves post amid prolonged Brexit backlash.
2:59 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for British prime minister resigns
OK guys are moving overseas to London. UK prime minister Teresa may announced today that she will resign putting an income months of speculation over her future because of her handling. Rex it's I want to go to Ian panel who's in London. Outside parliament. I'm Ian can you just tell us why now into and what does this mean for Rex. Yeah hey that came out what a day of high political drama. I know many of you viewers will have watched the USO house of causal intently the original was based tea whose C based in the building behind me and who is based in the very same policy. That's the reason Maggie is now resigning from the remember British prime minister is no elected this year is chosen. As the leader of the Conservative Party which has a working majority in parliament the she then becomes a prime minister. She's tried repeatedly to get a bricks it plan through quick reminder. Rex it is person's choice to exit from the European Union the EU is a political and economic union that the brits and many other countries France and Germany are Ponce all. The trouble is the deal is you go with you or should be unable to sell to the people. Who work in the Houses of Parliament behind me she tried three times she cannot with a plan to do it one more time. And the resounding result was nobody like today the writing was on the wall she hunts ago is not having immediately but bug come June 7. After president from comes through town. And three's a mate will be. No more. And any and do we have any ideas on who the next prime minister would be. Well there are lots of con tend as I mean using their a lot of people standing for the democratic nomination for the president say. Don't twice as many people running for the leadership of the Tory policy but there's something in the region a dozen names out that. The all obvious front runner will be the ex foreign secretary Boris Johnson. This is someone the president trump was singled out someone that he likes they've been some suggestion that perhaps. President Tom wood meets him when he comes over I think will be a lot of attention focused remember that will be press conferences. And the British press tend to ask belly full with questions about a hard to imagine that someone isn't going to last game all you go into back Boris Johnson. Full the next prime minister that we Cusick controversial if he expresses an opinion. But nevertheless. There is a long track record within the conservative Ponce a and sprint must send in US politics that whoever Stossel for the front runner isn't necessarily the person who's going to get the Joseph. I write in panel outside of parliament there in London thank you so much for the updates we appreciate it. And guys check this Al some of you may be familiar with Larry it's the cat that spends a lot of time hanging out in front of ten at Downing Street. Look at this video there they are removing glaring from his perch ahead of Teresa maze. Speech announcing her resignation. Now Larry isn't going anywhere at least until we find out if the next prime minister is allergic to cats.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Theresa May leaves post amid prolonged Brexit backlash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63258479","title":"British prime minister resigns","url":"/International/video/british-prime-minister-resigns-63258479"}