British Prime Minister Theresa May lobbies EU leaders amid Brexit vote delay

Protesters gather outside of Parliament while May turns to other European leaders.
4:15 | 12/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for British Prime Minister Theresa May lobbies EU leaders amid Brexit vote delay
Now let's shift our attention to London where the bricks that deal continues to make headlines as you know yesterday Teresa Mason delayed the vote on the brakes and vote on the Braxton deal. Thompson I want to go to Julia MacFarlane who's in London. Julia today because of that delayed Teresa is now lobbying the EU leaders what's the latest there. Pays him well just put things into perspective for you this morning one of the main national. And these Davis had two stories on the front page one. Treason may seeks help from you lead. I. This. Second story. Would not send spreads out the space to suspect alien life. I'm a question on everyone's voice would never mind that story has most likely to come true and I'll get your hand it's not the story about trees that may. So it may bring down this morning a flying to The Hague. She had talks with the dogs PM student athletes abundant. To those ungrammatical and not see is coming to you mean is in Brussels including. U commission president young cut. Now she's trying to get some movement to make head deal more sellable to close distance back here and in parliament because added as it sounds. Nancy Johnson's gonna get cost. And I think any other members Steve also are feeling very strongly. About this composite about what this country is in this and the one doubting side it isn't as things are really acts as does corn one implements codes have. Does he composed BC. Absolutely. And one of the biggest sticking points it seems is Vincent backstop so what's the conflict there. This isn't isn't like legs and very technical but facing what it means is. Ian you can have a the have a set at a time to agree on a trade agreements. If they do not arrive I'm agreement within the allotted time there is this mechanism which basically. What's not think comes into place. And makes you the whole of the UK rebuts back. To you. Regulations now and the reason why such an impostors because British parliamentarians. Nexus dot you anyways debt outs about it not backstop. This mechanism. Is a fool it to be by actually agreed with the UK and U and they say. The government not seek the UK technically in the EU. Without any say that so it is it's technical but it's a very important sticking points. And the EU today. The message was loud and different Unita that there is no room for negate see Jason's. So it is unlikely what's things happen because the way it seems that's reasoning will not be able to negate say out of dot backstop agreement. And then what happens if you can't get that deal cost. It remains to be same. Yes so I am I appreciate all information I just have to ask you really quick what exactly is happening behind you can there seems to be a lot of commotion so you can Billiton on that. Yes I am isn't going in there then then these protest is about and I am all day it's freezing today and that and I don't think. They're being buses gang. Enron cost adds what is what's interesting is not eyewitness is that cause. Yet concrete trucks businessman is a lot of them as it isn't what as a drug but they see these pertussis they hope and solidarity is there is just. It just saves this is something that people. All over the country and particularly here in London is still very strongly about the Vista hundreds of pertussis doesn't these people yet they are asking. Lori second referendum they want to know the bags. On the tons of Rex at that some animals and it. I want to see not since remain in the EU there's another group I have to say that little cited Don. And they more odds and practices they once to several types with the EU in May want made and the government's two main guys. On that promise to take the UK out of it. I'm in this. A press I can't what can I say anything this is an issue that is and dividing the country and it's safe nest signs. Of being reconciled any time saying. Hire a zillion thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Protesters gather outside of Parliament while May turns to other European leaders. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59751902","title":"British Prime Minister Theresa May lobbies EU leaders amid Brexit vote delay","url":"/International/video/british-prime-minister-theresa-lobbies-eu-leaders-amid-59751902"}