Canadian Officials Stop Terror Plot

Criminal investigation reveals plot targeting Canadian passenger train.
3:51 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Canadian Officials Stop Terror Plot
Good afternoon and thank you all for being here. On April 22. After extensive and complex criminal investigation. And he projects move. He -- -- be arrested and charged two individuals. For terrorism related offenses. Various sections of -- -- They're saying he is alleging that she had its entire -- gestures. Were conspiring to carry out and al-Qaeda supporters attacked. Against India soon. How this plot been carried out. It would have resulted in innocent people. -- seriously. At all times during the investigation. Initiated August 2012. Our primary focus. Was -- Protection. I want to reassure citizens. That while we are -- he believed. He accused -- passes. An intent to carry out these criminal acts. There was no imminent threat to the general public -- beliefs. Train passengers. The -- he -- integrated national security enforcement team but the close collaboration via via. Successfully interdicted district early and effective. This is a testament to -- our relationships. With the Canadian and American law enforcement. -- the billion Canadian government agencies. To work together in furtherance of Canada -- counterterrorism strategy. Today's charges represent the most recent example. Tremendously successful effort. And commitment of our national security teams. And I would like to take this opportunity. To thank them for their outstanding dedication. In recent years. Our collaborative approach has led to arrests and several convictions. Including Malik -- in Anwar. Satan. And the eleven individuals and project -- stage for a he's successful arrests and convictions demonstrate. The expertise and -- -- effectiveness. -- our integrated teams. We cannot successfully completed this investigation. Without the collaboration -- our partners -- local national and international levels. The -- BI express our appreciation. For their tremendous support. I'm pleased -- seeing some of these partners have enabled us. Even -- these successes. It is very important. -- Canadians remain vigilant. Protecting and his national security. Requires the awareness and active engagement of all of our citizens. An equal response to these threats begins -- -- streets. In Canadian homes and we -- -- -- works with our partners including communities across Canada. In the fight against terrorism. The public is always encouraged to bring any suspicious activities. -- the arson -- attention. Through our national security information network. Act 1804205805. Or -- contacting the police in their community. Each and every terrorist arrest. Integrated national security enforcement team -- me. Sends that message and illustrates -- strong resolve to route out terrorist threats and keep Canadians and our allies. Criminals should know that we will continue to work tenaciously to prevent individuals from engaging in terrorist.

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{"id":19017197,"title":"Canadian Officials Stop Terror Plot","duration":"3:51","description":"Criminal investigation reveals plot targeting Canadian passenger train.","url":"/International/video/canadian-officials-stop-terror-plot-19017197","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}