Catholic church abuse summit underway at the Vatican

The meeting comes amid a growing number of investigations of priests.
2:04 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Catholic church abuse summit underway at the Vatican
Up from Syria now to Rome where an extraordinary Vatican summit is under way now in day two today the focus. Is on accountability in the bishops. Who allegedly moved around abusive priests to shield them from up from penalty are David Wright is there in Vatican City he's been covering the summit David. So what's a two proposals are on the table today to sort of do something about this and what are you hearing from victims' groups is this summit continues. While DeVon as you say they've the focus today is on accountability specifically accountability for bishops. The judges on a pretty good job since 20012002. When the Boston Globe spotlight scandal first broke. A policing priests who were accused. The sexually molesting children. Their procedures that are in place now certainly in the American church to deal with those trees. What they haven't been so good at is dealing with bishop Su historically going back decades have moved priests from diocese to diocese. Basically enabling the abuse shuffling and under the carpet turning a blind died call it what you will there is a growing call for the church to deal with that and that is one of the issues before the bishops and cardinals today. One proposals put forward by the Chicago cardinal blaze C a pitch today. That's got a lot of support among the Americans were basically take. Beach bishop. And put them under the regional cardinal or the papal Nuncio the pope's ambassador to a given country right now every bishop. Basically reports to the Pope. But this would put in place a procedure whereby if somebody had a complaint against a specific bishop. They would be able to make their case to a cardinal or to the papal Nuncio and then have that case tried. And and have the outcome decided by the Pope with the help of a you know some sort of accountability mechanism right now the regional cardinals have seniority but they don't have supervisory capacity this would change. Miles change does not come quickly or easily in the Catholic Church but this is a very significant meeting that hopefully we'll see some positive change come out of David Wright thanks so much for that.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The meeting comes amid a growing number of investigations of priests. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61241672","title":"Catholic church abuse summit underway at the Vatican","url":"/International/video/catholic-church-abuse-summit-underway-vatican-61241672"}