Celebrating Heritage Day

The annual holiday recognizes and celebrates the diverse culture of South Africa.
5:42 | 09/25/19

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Transcript for Celebrating Heritage Day
And news. Yeah. Well happy. Is it ease of my easy. Meaning I'm talking hadn't had my first time and now back at him instead and this neighborhood yeah I don't right now. You know what is I'm in beautiful houses behind us this morning iconic neighborhood I think if Cape Town I think given hundreds. Me Maggie I mean this is one of the most solid build. Pieces inside Africa and it's simply not just because of how juveniles and street business. Quest thanks Sweden smells paint on the way back waited. That was locked inside that every now and then there was this used in making this its fifth week there's a lot happening here today so we don't parents and say what. That need it seem like it's a big deal but easily feel good that's what they want involving his pocket money. I don't think that's how she got off on Africa has you know. Yeah. And it cannot sleep all the different things and excited. An acting against. Important today. I talk about. Celebrating the heritage of South Africa when you're here you feeling it is so diverse they're so many types of people. One in their tactics. He sat. I think all across the deep finding out in the keeps because Saddam could save the melting pot you know people. That's fun he had anything from the face saving him from Indonesia's revenue from African slaves in Egypt this so it's really a melting pot of the wolves. And so today ease of outside of making that melting pot clubs and begging this is my comment because it's so divest. And I think that maybe make state Colin fictional. And let's ask you all about the melting pot is also in the left eye your pants and delicious. Here in Cape Town so what is apparent genome for winning captain. Q. The where I behind me so. Some saucy gone there are you having embarked he had less than its and I think your skin it's. So this is dry this is my home. It is an epic nagging feeling panicking yet so dry it was kind of seen as a non V. Soon leaving their homes on Africa. But since there is he staying now people are kind of breaking even the grind days of everyone from Pendleton to the sounds of the east of the waste. Are now trying. Really what why within this witness because you'll see. So the political you know where I was. Mussina is you know plot. The cold sits down and held up hot fixes them and not just if he wanted to embracing the economy I immunity challenge and I think they'll. Yeah. They're good that I. That's good yeah ever fashion home riders and that can't name your exact answer yeah named. I love the smell delicious. Winning when he common stock. You can keep ask him to into the cell and can make my teeth in England and be happy with a smile become too. You know so we make it out modeling program. Oh yeah. All my cat left in the act show that we have been of that happening to him. Go look. Yeah and we. What's your hands if I don't. And knowingly and get ahead this isn't even their creativity and I didn't and it. Canadian digging it made me that we are all on the. I listen. We are riding a bike as well as the chicken. Kennedy let me remind all night. Whatever leftovers and now we know. Why why don't we can't. Can't hear it keeps senate race yeah. How to build my uncle. I. Behind yeah. Hillary plays. Don.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"The annual holiday recognizes and celebrates the diverse culture of South Africa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65841435","title":"Celebrating Heritage Day","url":"/International/video/celebrating-heritage-day-65841435"}