Central China suffers devastating flash floods

ABC News' Britt Clennett reports on the severe flash flooding in parts of China, resulting in at least 25 dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, and many trapped in need of rescue.
3:18 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for Central China suffers devastating flash floods
The severe flash flooding devastating parts of China was several killed in a flooded subway system and dams and reservoirs swelling to warning levels. As a region experiences saw the heaviest downpours in generations hundreds of thousands have already been evacuated to higher ground. Here's ABC's Brit clan. Rescue efforts underway tonight. Flash floods in China's central city of Jane Joseph killing at least 25. And displacing hundreds of thousands. I don't and I don't this video from China's state TV shows passengers in the subway cock trapped the report said. Up to their chest. It's. The flood was too powerful and people got washed away and another person and I almost wanted to give audiences because we didn't have enough strength anymore. From my arms are holding on to a rail. At least a dozen people died in change as underground tunnels more than 500 were eventually rescued. At least seven a still missing. Fiftieth. The told from the floods may be able to pull us. Some family members outside of James Jones making distressed cools on social media to find their relatives has power lines in the city went down. Heavy rains overwhelmed some of the city's flood defenses. Causing these apocalyptic scenes to unfold. Flung forces cascading into this subway station. Of residents seeing being swept away by the rules set. Risky work is putting kindergartners into plastic tubs so they confronts is they're taken to safety. The city's it is now he's completely impossible. When it rose he used to be on now brings the banks. The floods also causing this massive explosion in Hainan Province have an aluminum alloy plants not casualties were reported. Local focuses say this is the heaviest downpour in decades. With nearly a year. Lot more water in the slower you're having a lot more green beans. And issues. Reading much faster been besieged. And towns. She didn't intrigue guar. John Joseph is a CT of ten million. And one of China's major transportation and logistics hubs it connects the countryside to the breast of the nation. And the floods threatening to disrupt the food and supply chain in the breach. As recovery efforts continue tonight president sheeting paying ordering urgent relief efforts to minimize the loss of life. I'm property. Officials warned the danger it just isn't a review yet with more rain expected. In the coming days for those who are unable to leave their crimes and a seeking temporary shelter so the Chinese military has sent thousands of soldiers to assist relief efforts. To deliver necessities to them. And help keep them safe. Lindsay to some unbelievable scenes their bridge change you.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"ABC News' Britt Clennett reports on the severe flash flooding in parts of China, resulting in at least 25 dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, and many trapped in need of rescue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78978567","title":"Central China suffers devastating flash floods ","url":"/International/video/central-china-suffers-devastating-flash-floods-78978567"}