Several cities in Northern Italy on lockdown

Several countries have imposed a lockdown while others continue to have open borders; a traveler from Italy tested positive in Spain, forcing a lockdown of their hotel.
4:11 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for Several cities in Northern Italy on lockdown
James Longman joins us now from Milan several towns in northern Italy lockdown but unlike Asia Europe has opened borders they've already heard about that Mukasey in Spain a traveler from Italy testing positive they're a hotel lockdown can travel restrictions. Even working here a. Well I say bring question and did nothing to fuel health officials. When talking about today implement it keyboard as six other countries site. Only European countries really worried about the spread the focus here in Italy is only twelve towns about thirty miles. From what I am now real effort to try to lock down the virus that but it hasn't looked because his go out as an invisible enemy and it's traveling so. Croatia and we know that as a case that linked. See this pot of northern Italy Switzerland as well. As a number of all the countries like I said Spain as well as on the mainland that boss and I know we know there's a case. But also on the Canary Islands there's a hotel the tea. An Italian doctor visits aids. Had been tested positive for the virus is is now opening to quarantine but a thousand guests Laura that hotel they've all been told they've gobbled down in not building that little flexible pulsed. Underneath each of their Dole's to tell him to stay in their rooms and wait to be tested say you could just see how this kind of tunnel an infection here in Italy can spread so quickly. These health officials today said it wasn't helpful to talk about. Closing borders you can just imagine the level of panic that that would send that people into I think across Europe if people. Did decide to do dock this a really difficult thing to to stop the spread off because like I said it is an invisible enemy certain. Sudden pulse of Italy a taking other precautions we now nine medals theology tied. From Syracuse university and nastase has they have a study abroad program hand about over 300 US students in Florence and I'm going to be heading back. Two United States because that worried. The contagion does seem quite powerful site. Because of the kind of total unpredictable. Unpredictability if you like of this illness I think it's left a lot of people on aids. I'm just not sold on how to go about led daily lies but yet this question of this. Kind of illness spreading around Europe it's if it's a big one right now. Now I can imagine and we've certainly seen images of stories being cleared out how concerned. Do you see people live with that palpable panic that we've seen a similar images they in China. I think the people who are really panicked are staying hire him and I think what we've seen here in mid and is a city which is months much Watson. And it should be schools. Libraries and universities authorities and walking down these public spaces saying stay away from these places. Patent it's really difficult thing to try to manage to convince knowledge there's no kind of as a cure all for it so will you can do is say to people. Stay away and we've Hud that ability supermarkets. Especially in sides. That design that has been that blocked off the shelves have been trade for Matt but I think calf problem people kind of taking in this strife and already sold. Quite how to kind of manage the risk some people say they should Wear animals but his. You know it makes them feel safe but actually that kind of medical. Kind of what do that's appropriate medically I think it is questionable. I'm we've seen other countries kind of take other measures overnight for example in the United Kingdom they're asking people to take themselves off into kind of self imposed quarantine site. The government does not telling people to stand by and that dead and forcing them to that also if they could they sit. Their sentence schools and have now sent to their peoples to stay away. Lost week in Europe was half time it was holiday a lot of schoolchildren across years he can just imagine the amount of traveled but as Dana the last of ten days on site. And in the United Kingdom now schools are saying to any kids he went on holiday skiing perhaps in it city. Stay time we don't want you schools say a lot of ways to try to manage this but no one points or exactly the right way to do. And James were just learning as we're talking to you right now is actually two confirmed cases. In Spain in and that location that resort town the Italian doctor and his wife. So of course these these numbers just continued to and to update. All the time the James thank you so much for that report in Italy for us.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Several countries have imposed a lockdown while others continue to have open borders; a traveler from Italy tested positive in Spain, forcing a lockdown of their hotel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69216578","title":"Several cities in Northern Italy on lockdown","url":"/International/video/cities-northern-italy-lockdown-69216578"}