Conservatives win big in UK election

The Conservative Party headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson won by a landslide in the UK general elections.
2:43 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Conservatives win big in UK election
And let's sales and international news let's go overseas the UK had a. A fascinating election overnight Boris Johnson. Reelected as the British prime minister. A race that it was a little close to call at some points but a fascinating one nevertheless let's bring in our colleague Maggie Willie she's over in London watching all the results for us hey Maggie. They've done has been going out what in today here inland and we are so obviously following that landslide victory overnight by Boris Johnson. And his sister Conservative Party winning at Bible in the largest majority they have seen in decades now have full control of parliament in. And I can't remember this has been dubbed the dregs it election forced Johnson was really running on this platform of pushing. Rey exit through the referendum happened at more than three and a half years ago. Kind of a stalemate now we've been waiting to see what's going to happen and in this election was all about. I'll be voting to push it through were not an against Johnson saying a vote for him the Conservative Party was unified parliament was this push to get -- it done we've heard from him today he saw the queen. At now he's saying. As the first thing he's going to do pushing it even before that January 31 deadline and now we should we don't know why even a silly voted for the Conservative Party maybe it was to push pregnant or maybe they were just. Tired of having a stalemate in parliament and getting nothing done except for talking about brightens it may be. It was against. The labor party in their leader Jeremy Korman as well you know anomaly of the conservatives used huge majority but the labor party saw their biggest defeat since nineteen. 35. Those are huge numbers and many of them are now reevaluating their future when they saw a lot of his pocket. Of the UK flipped that have never flipped before so. Both parties different running going to be looking at their future right now and I also want to mention another group to gain some traction last night I was a Scottish National Party and they gained. Quite a bit of seats people are now looking towards them questioning his power at a really had his platform of one in Scotland to remain in the European Union and so many of are now questioning could this mean at the potential of breaking up the United Kingdom now. And it's is a fairly lofty. Suggestion they have some legal proceedings I have to go to but the fact that. They did gain so many seats in parliament suggests that we could see rumblings of this going forward so in the Boris Johnson and his conservative government now has control of parliament clearly. The for the long road ahead dealing with the S and gives us nationalist party. As well as dealing with brokering some type of trade deal to make sure they can leave. With brags it with a deal in place so. Yes but the breadth and election is over we have Boris Johnson is Conservative Party in power but what this means. A going forward as we hit that January 31 headlining going to 20/20. Still anyone's guess Jon. Maggie truly over in London think he you Maggie.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"The Conservative Party headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson won by a landslide in the UK general elections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67721705","title":"Conservatives win big in UK election","url":"/International/video/conservatives-win-big-uk-election-67721705"}