Consulate General of Italy in NYC Commemorates Holocaust Victims

ABC News' Roberto Capocelli speaks with attendees of the Holocaust commemoration event at the Consulate General of Italy in NYC on Remembrance Day.
11:46 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Consulate General of Italy in NYC Commemorates Holocaust Victims
Good morning everyone loses preventative measures and live on the east news from new CD and just sending riot at the corner. Park avenue and 69 street and Fred B I'm my shoulder is the Italian consulate. Today generally to any seven it's a very special day because that day. This remembrance. Of that all locals. In Europe. I'm here because. Right behind my shoulder as you can see the amount of people and there's suspicion thankful. What tendency for the workers but it's gonna walk you through the that people who were read the names those are names of Julie's persecuted. They the court that you. Concentration. Most every. And every year. Who remembers. The names. In a world. Skating. These guys. Kill me so yeah all guy. John Sweeney. John my deal. Join us is that it sort of feeling similarly they. Join us it is. Join us to do it. Jordan grows. Joseph each. Jolted its. Drove the ball meets thin. He thought and concern. And here. And we need to send and receive the pop history that he directed funds including Carnegie he had movies let them. Good morning good Eyewitness News can tell us more and what's going on his feet within its and we'll. People don't think they're meeting the needs of before the Jews from Italy and good talent territories. People don't do this every day since 2000. Hold. Days senator. On April damn good vs living I was telling us sort out. According to some of an apology over the border from the for the concludes imagine Germany incidentally I quickly he had. At the consul general and or our greatest. And oh he listed things. Quote from the money years until I do not remembered that he's then had them to leave it to me yeah thought so yeah. Cat named city confidential is inevitable and each act of calling them names that there was word yet affordable this violence to end relations with Giuliani smoke were and everything was fundraiser at grizzard name route to reduce the number so. After eating that Nader's raiders as anybody's end game I believe secured a huge problems of the Palestine. Anywhere you turn up capitals at home Judy that. So we'll Q. When Saturday team medals. Look. News. We. These things. Captured. Geragos. Good morning good macaroni and students. The money. Before you. Humming along. And years and years of the first hear us please. 78 years and we have distribution and it's a very. Real political power for patient because here on. Sign up front and you know depending concentrating yeah that commemorate the receiver of the memory. A full. Quote comes together we feel it's been there was the coast. Don't at a time and community and those on expression. A contracted to do this deal scenario we need so much. Steve compete. Holmes so many Jews Italians. All over. Is it before this New York CD. First. It's. Pitch until Sunday. Both of that's why we. This commemoration. The streets it's that thing couldn't Casey Kelly and express his style or. Gratitude and respect and distributed if you look at the University of York elements of you do. Keep vikings veteran defense. Now we're going to gain its I don't. Waiting their turn at the names. Police. He's. Chile beat all of that JT all of this stuff. Stopped. I'll just yet. Yet. About him don't know. India out of this case there. Joseph albeit it you can probably you convict obviously. Yellen Nelson George's. Guilt that solved any kid. You'll still needs blood you also I would say yeah. You should be yet which. He calls please because he's somewhere. You need good bad you get pretty. You get a man my name. You'll get amendments. You need get a load them. You'll get a good bill. You Pete did medical. Chuck you feel yours if you let me. Il. You can. We've seen in. Good morning your oh hell yeah. Like honeybees. When you need NY. It is game day at present when. It was Sunday evening. That is present in many countries studying. And here's a person definitely says. I believe that it's important to remember friends in the news recently harmless doctor may need ES funeral. Well you represent it. It's. Additional. It was a moment of sixteen so have you hearts together this sense that we want to support them and remember how we do believe that pizza. Davenport remembered especially for the young engineer. Let's put up it's. Of this ritual of calling its. Name it's what makes you. Members difference. I am dizzy and not serve as it slowly pulled them thank you don't have an impact nobody. Detective vehemently inning that he's black eyes and eat what I mean that he didn't eat meat and even when they're wearing north and its choice and pleaded not as. Good morning. We good morning morning eleven ABC news. So you up next. Yes the the and lead to object Italian high school in New York money. We abilities and every year. In Hong particularly top Echelon. You know. Yeah its you know about the tragedy of the constitution. Why would prevent me. Whether it's very important because. You know people navy one of them. The that was important life don't Echelon. Remember that it. Remember this lots we have two related. We six what's happened and we have to take its innovations of what's happened. And Pacino propagate a holiday movie after a young guy how. And so as CEO we need something really good to eat and shop little sleepy baby bottles like they. So they aren't in aren't we try to expose them to two to study looks at what's happened. And for means an important is even. In eight innings. To be. There could be an arsenal scored all its. Own. Under in my head so it was beating within. I don't know if that's something you know quick easy. And something that they took when you can. And the end of each of these things and we're told I'm sort of confidence and it. So opposite you know maybe I'm standing alone latest thinking why they were beaten. Win their emotional state offices not yet anyway put it. Thank you very much about. I reliable and ABC news. So you're up next season Reid amendment just what do you know at locals who. Well we save most of it. Look it is news good news correspondent. And has remained bolstering their. There's you. He thought to be people on the idea that people have let you face he thought in my personal let me my shoulder is. I'm. I love it.

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{"duration":"11:46","description":"ABC News' Roberto Capocelli speaks with attendees of the Holocaust commemoration event at the Consulate General of Italy in NYC on Remembrance Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"45088506","title":"Consulate General of Italy in NYC Commemorates Holocaust Victims","url":"/International/video/consulate-general-italy-nyc-commemorates-holocaust-victims-45088506"}