Crashed plane's black boxes opened

The pilot's tense radio messages indicate that the flight that crashed in Ethiopia was immediately in trouble.
2:50 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Crashed plane's black boxes opened
We want to catch you up to date as well on the latest with the crash of the Ethiopian Airways plane that killed. More than a hundred people outside obvious Ababa ABC's David Curley our senior transportation correspondent has the latest. Garrett at this hour waiting to hear from Ethiopian officials about the two black boxes the Ethiopians handed them over to French investigators yesterday. To read out the date of the reason is that. The chassis the base that the box sits on was damaged the module that memory module at least and one of the boxes that we saw looks fun but they have to take it off. And plug in. Or put it on another chassis which apparently the yield is didn't have the ability to do so that French hope to do that we're going to get the flight data and hopefully. The cockpit voice recorder what the pilot and cope we're actually saying to each other but it will be up to the Ethiopians. To release this information. What we do know is that this aircraft had trouble as soon as it took off that it had why failed ups and down movements from the data that we've seen already. The New York Times reporting overnight that somebody who is familiar with the communications between the aircraft in the tower that the pilot. Radioed in early right after take up that he was having some issues to deal with and then several minutes later. After they saw some of these wild gyrations in a panicky voice he says we need to return to the airport but a couple minutes later this plane crash. So the questions were trying to determine from this data. What caused those wild dived gyrations. Are they related to the lion air crash four and a half months earlier. In which at 737 Max also had some wild gyrations we know that was probably related to a bad sensor is said bad data to the airplane. And a safety feature kicked in that nose down in the pilots didn't can disconnect. That automated system. Also from the crash scene I've learned from one source that investigators are looking at the jackscrew this is. They threaded rod that is in the tail section of the plane and it controls a horizontal stabilizers and that's what causes the plane's nose to go up and down when a pilot wants to go up. This group was one way and in the noses up they wanted to down the through goes the other way and they go down they're looking at it that's not surprising because resolve these wild gyrations. In the flight of this aircraft so really right now is the French investigators can they extract the data. US and other investigators are there in Paris they will be listening the cockpit voice recorder and looking in that data. That we wait for the Ethiopians to give us a sense of what happened in the aircraft from all that data it may not pinpoint the cause. But their leaders to know whether the two practices are related is this grounding of the entire 737 flag police good idea. A lot of questions could be answered from that data. Aron. A lot riding on all this information ABC's David Curley or senior transportation correspondent.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The pilot's tense radio messages indicate that the flight that crashed in Ethiopia was immediately in trouble.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61712696","title":"Crashed plane's black boxes opened","url":"/International/video/crashed-planes-black-boxes-opened-61712696"}