Crowds gather at Windsor Castle ahead of the royal wedding

ABC News' James Longman talks with American fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
8:05 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Crowds gather at Windsor Castle ahead of the royal wedding
Hello and welcome to AB CDs life in Windsor I'm James Longman hand. When of course Harry and Megan are about again I'd just a couple of days. Not building right now that is when the council on the excitement here it is just insane people everywhere we've that is. A new mobile small town in the UK people need anybody's been descended upon by thousands of Janis father of 5000 of us in the credits its cities wedding. And people. I'm so excited about what's happening you can see it. The souvenir and implying that this is a heated. Cable company is well. Billions of dollars to which is tourism but their wedding night base it's just taken off. Flags that fixes the labor them. You know you can ask people what the cops whose place anything because if you put a picture of negative howry on it Elson and hopefully it. Can make a layout is now. This also is a very busy getting credit for a thousand years old favorites out you know it's not my game of the kind of history and negative earnings the busy writes an economy about it. Megan Megan is of course hiring in city ritual founding. Thousand Yates British history she's joining. Plus real American princess and that's what his son months of anticipation and people coming from around the world love Americans are in town. Is that not excited about what's happening in the keep looking up it. Let me tell you on the day cell phones suck today I'm gonna be inside that ABC as the president. Quite special. Deal way that he if you didn't get to be inside and I'll be one of them right side. 62 was toppled chapters of its 8600. Years old I mean the the history which would give a news mind me I'm bridges was born in London and it's amazing thing to remember them. That stat that we have this much history to set with the world. The day itself has been Rojas today we salute perceptions coming through. They would not consensual winds that we had beaten into the ministry on horseback his went very famous and UK. British pomp and ceremony was brilliant tactic and we are on display in Millicent well linking him. This Wednesday through that not just an eclipse it. That is in 2600. Funerals that there'd been something like well we know I've sixteen we'll winnings passed. The first and I think sometimes the eighteen hundreds but this 100 no doubt beat the biggest one. And this and civil rainy days. All of the wings of comedy you know this is not Buckingham Palace this is not any of the other bigger property that they. Really whether wins need. And that is the kind of the vintage feel so this place. And it means that. For many many people have been coming from all over the world to see it to feeling to breathing they history. To buy those souvenirs. As I was talking about tonight by the way on my mind. Adamantly cheated because we've been around about him into exploring. Kind things you can buy apples and the world that Megan is about to. Think we have some people here we're about to speak to animal friends and people have made their way of all the way from the United States' annual. Hello I'm James. Well this is just once in A lifetime opportunity that he wanted to candidates would take another thirty years and I big giant and the royals. Coming sounds like greeting filed so we're here to support and love Megan from sixtieth us just like the perfect scenario and what is it about magazine has an excellent. She's just an independent and her style is just off the charts and so I'm excited. Now black dress looks like. I'm hoping and waiting and he lost a human being you'll be right here ruby red different road here's that we I'll stop here you can see him absolutely. Connie living that you need you don't have crazy coming up Oakland and we haven't yet we have like flying either idols anything it's not. I don't know anything then I think everything I don't think that's Larry where you're an awesome. I'm I'm going to be joining me think about it three weeks. They don't well yeah and what isn't do you love about him. British and what I love is that there's like an iron hand and isn't you know in the coming together and I'm not that there's going to be. So we'll see anything and as any other league in England Italy and doing these new friends and I think is so cool it's a fun experience and he's doing on the girls. Lit and history of England and here we are at castle and laid. They've had continuous sovereign and 1060 things I'm just so fast and it has. Did you know the cream that's it I'm you can see yeah that's okay at a. Yeah it's not rising eyes yeah. It's LB cleaning out. And I think it's that's exam is the only side game and we didn't seem what do you think you're witnessing is on going to be we're gonna video son Ryan. He guessed right hopefully through here. Guests aren't getting their car stumbling block it. And then over this way through this game is where the road here to come through. You want. Credit is amazing unity really saluted his cell phone on. Him. I. I was. And I really hope. Remain open and make it naked and Harry were doing dollar's steady right now. Now we wanted other elderly aren't for this afternoon. Somehow ended up happening. The real thing I had you seen all the stuff about it and listening audience he and I wouldn't make wouldn't it. It would be really hard on public spotlight which she's back in the spotlight she's an actress but yet family every family has. Circumstances that are unknown to the world and I just about additional coverage has recurrent that would ever escalating honor whatever sentence that even how. Closer how are much closer relationship. Her father hears about that they're going through any that's getting that's really. The focus should be everybody on the couple not quite her father's not here and I think she should have departed loved her mother watching on the island. Or Prince Charles might want to come I'll work she walked up herself I just want to hurt noticed the Hart. I want them to. Yeah it is and and it. And yeah the idea about the unit that walking down we do mom is not unprecedented. You know what about the economy when with the local time. Oh. I would like I'm not the answer that when the long line with a Volvo wolves in the due to the on the upper rulings mean Victoria yes. And. I don't rent it only got nothing but what you should get a ticket this. Still we are hot and still have very. Three. The cat out ten fat tires were ready. Illegal below the national I'm yeah and that's the and dressed. If you know if you see this thing you'll be thinking isn't an idea. Right get her in the weddings that you and to have an Angel from the salad AA and I write what's this we have in place if you give it time if you need to get an uptight and. This is there yeah this is the fascinates. And you know that's not an out of the winning they need to have a problem I think that it isn't a no. The justices past and there the last time that it not been didn't like auction and behind this dealt. But someone you're gonna take my dog and I thank you so much guys and intuitively. That you can see it's it's a really fun time he becomes look at that from all over the world leaving and going to do about. Please stay with us on ABC news throughout the week and we're gonna have a little liberal covets but for now entanglement it came into ABC news.

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{"id":55242016,"title":"Crowds gather at Windsor Castle ahead of the royal wedding","duration":"8:05","description":"ABC News' James Longman talks with American fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.","url":"/International/video/crowds-gather-windsor-castle-ahead-royal-wedding-55242016","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}