Cruise ship death remains mystery

The woman who died on a cruise ship has been identified but authorities haven't released many details about the incident.
2:30 | 11/19/18

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Transcript for Cruise ship death remains mystery
What about of that mystery on a cruise ship an American woman is now dead as the FBI tries to figure out if she was murdered. And now her family is speaking out Victor candor is tracking that case for us from Miami and Victor this seems like a bizarre one. It's bizarre and incredibly sad Diane we've spoken with the victims fairly they tell us. She's 52 year old Amado such an Oreo she was a loving mother and grandmother she was also volunteer teachers aides who got a lot of heat kills about her. But the exact details Deb how she died still a mystery. Investigators are still working to determine how she plummeted fourteen stories onto a lifeboat. After struggling with an unidentified man that's according to local reports the world princess was between cure herself and her group up at the time of her death last week. The FBI's investigating along with officials in Aruba the public prosecutor telling ABC news they're looking at every angle. Including possible homicide it conducted a forensic investigation into an autopsy but have not released the results only saying. There she died. Of unnatural causes tutorial was traveling with her husband at the time officials tell us that. He's been questioned but as a witness right now Diane is not a suspect. And what do you know about to Noory show or herself is there anything in her bio that's maybe raising any questions. Well only what are fairly told us right now is that she loved to travel as well she was actually an avid cruiser system that many cruises before. We should also mention that this cruise ship it has come back to South Florida it Dr. dean. Fort Lauderdale over the weekend and that's actually what we got to hear from some of the passengers who were on board this ship some of them actually speaking to ABC news Nicholas. It was a brutal waking up 4 o'clock they made the announcement right it's war rooms we only found out afterwards when we arrived in Aruba that. An accident had taken place we could get off to shipment to the local authorities gave us permission. As you can imagine word spread very quickly those people were afraid again Diane how this happened. Investigators still working at figuring out how and why. This woman plummeted to her death. He has so strange and is a cruise company issuing any kind of statement on us. They say that they are cooperating with the FBI in the investigation right now obviously offering their condolences to the failing all those affected as well. But that's really all they could do it up point and again. Still a mystery here how or why this happened sad story Eric Victor candor there for us from Miami thanks Victor.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The woman who died on a cruise ship has been identified but authorities haven't released many details about the incident. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59295487","title":"Cruise ship death remains mystery","url":"/International/video/cruise-ship-death-remains-mystery-59295487"}