Cruises making a comeback during COVID-19

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli looks at the steps cruise lines are taking to keep passengers safe and adapt to COVID-19.
5:19 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Cruises making a comeback during COVID-19
Not exclusive look at one of the largest cruise ships setting sail once again during the pandemic are Maggie ruling was shown extraordinary measures being taken to keep passengers safe but the big question. Until there's a safe and effective vaccine. Will be enough to help the beleaguered cruise industry. We're losing inches one each one what. And schools are still crowded. The casinos are still open the feeders are steals show but there's also a lot more masks and awful lot more testing. The embassy grandiose one of the largest cruise ships in the world became the first large ship to set sail after the industry came to leave home during the pandemic. In for the past six weeks they sailed thousands of eager passengers safely around the Mediterranean. I. Started crying because I couldn't believe it was actually happening now were heading on board to see how the ship could be the blueprint for seats ceiling going forward. Today. It all starts with universal testing right now only residents of certain countries are level that Americans are not on the list. People from high risk areas must be tested before they arrived and then everyone is tested myself included at least once by the cruise line. The crew is tested three times and must quarantines. Every single person crew and guess getting tested before they come on board the cruise line says they're essentially creating a massive what save social problems are calling it. Clean tourism and they say that they could be the future of since track. The goal is to test everyone on board even when there at full capacity of more than 6000. To make all of this work the company had to buy new Covert testing machines and they say they intact up at 300 people and our now. Our turn to wait for our result. After about an hour week at the all clear that at least two others were denied boarding along with the people traveling with them after their test came back. Positive for corona virus despite having new symptoms. People want to go back to have the opportunity to have a holiday to be outside food being the son. And if you know. That you can do that we did that come drawn environment since then Ireland not a man that. That's it that's the message MSC executive chairman. He's a break behind the ship strict safety measures it is testing is just one part of the cruise industry safety plan that has helped develop. This protocol can actually be applied to. Cruise industry or other places that could revolutionize things happen I want to be dead their road to open our. Add to the faith it's no longer serve yourself everything even your glass of water is handed to you. And all should excursions are closely monitored. Temperatures are checked seats are signed on buses that have been sterilized daily Mullen shore guests are only allowed contact with guides that have also been tested. Keeping this social bubble intact even on land. We tried to be as much as possible harm than a percent this that I that. No way we open it in the way we offer now lesbianism but that would be that could be decades. If someone on board falls ill there's a contingency plan in place and it starts with monitoring Embry person on board. These bracelets that you normally when a cruise ship are now being used for contact tracing so they can tell. Everywhere you Ben and every one you've come in contact list. Medical facilities on board have been upgraded with extra ventilator doctors and isolation units and there's dedicated facilities on shore at each port of call. Some of my friend Sonia on to worrying them. You wearing masks all the tie and isn't that weird but. We got cruising and it's. It's really good year I think it's more safe then going out at home like into a bar or something because you never know if there's somebody who. Is positive. The cruise industry is trying to reinvent itself after a string of disasters at the start of the pandemic. Maggie really joins us live once again now from Yokohama Japan where those passengers are still waiting under quarantine so. Maggie whether they get to leave that ship finally. That is the questioning you and everyone on board is asking right now Lindsay I stood outside the diamond princess cruise ship in Japan for nearly two weeks. At the time the cruise ship was built largest concentration of the virus outside of China the corona virus was still so unknown an onboard it's spread faster than anyone could have imagined. Today amnesty wants to be a leader getting people back out to sea Bream nervous when this cruise went out. You nominate you we have we have we elect has saved their demand justice to a dozen law OK so it wasn't a question of be nervous he was a question of being power. Nevada says this is just the beginning right now Emma she cruises and others in the industry are speaking with the CDC. And are using MS he grandiose as a test case. It's a great moment for an automated cash informative but it is on the man that particular note is that what's happening knew it opened to release and that. And to actually seed that we can reactivate the not only the economy which obviously support them but as a way less than induced that'd be politically in this that it. That is so important then that toward the wide. Contrary. Maggie rudely ABC news lock Naples Italy.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli looks at the steps cruise lines are taking to keep passengers safe and adapt to COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73177783","title":"Cruises making a comeback during COVID-19","url":"/International/video/cruises-making-comeback-covid-19-73177783"}