Most Dangerous City in the World: San Pedro Sula

Fusion Special Correspondent Dan Lieberman looks into the Central American border crisis, where children are fleeing the constant violence of their countries; San Pedro Sula being Honduras' darkest corner.
11:57 | 12/18/14

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Transcript for Most Dangerous City in the World: San Pedro Sula
It is now where there is a shooting here in this neighborhood there's several feet. Being shot there's a huge crowd of people who were looking at the scene and moment than we've been here just four hours and are ready we've seen six murders. This crime scene is so fresh authorities are still looking for the killers in the crowd. One police officer has been gunned down five gang members are dead like a little world. We're here and in a habitable would have been declared I didn't. Every hour and fifteen minutes somebody gets killed here. This is not Iraq or Afghanistan and Honduras is a different kind of war and were in the most dangerous city in the world son Pedro Sula. So there's one kid over here being questioned by police right now and sources tell us that the media game. Gang violence fueled by drug trafficking has made son Pedro Sula ground zero for migrants fleeing the danger zone causing the latest. Crisis on the US border. These neighborhoods are controlled by rival gangs. And they are ruthless MS thirteen and eighteen street gangs are the most powerful they fight for territory and work with the drug cartels. More than 80% of the cocaine comes into the United States passes through Honduras first son Pedro Sula has become the regional hub for drug trafficking. They've on the other olympians are here out of ten people Michael oh in the cocaine stays here they start to distributed is selling them. Colonel harm on our final is a top Honduran military commander Bernie you're really in both from. People who rousing entertainment different he's vowing kids are involved in crime that are killing people assaulting stealing dollars and again. That's when I it's practically a war. We are where another crime scene now we just got word here are three people were shot. Men and drug shoot out when guys are still laying on the parking lot behind this truck over your car. Riddled with bullet. Gangs and cartels are the usual suspects. He mrs. Marcos widow of little that Hulu. I'm pretty sure these are hidden and tied to narco news it's very scary this is that's at a supermarket. It's that every day life. He is they have bedding and letting you. That's how it is you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time when things like this happen in anyone can die is this the examiner is a good time. It's our town or cities but the problem is people are scared to report the crime. During the week we were here 39 people were murdered in and around Santander Sula. Many are literally running for their lives. Everywhere there are rows of abandoned house's. We're here one of the most dangerous neighborhoods and sound Penders who has called China like cone and a lot of the people who lived in this neighborhood have left their homes they've just left and abandoned here. You can see why he's over here there's bullet holes. It is riddled on the side of that wall there. This Stanley just fled. So did the Stanley. This whole neighborhoods and he. It is controlled by gangs. These Stanley's may be the lucky ones most don't have a choice. The man and in the hoop. This mother blaster sixteen year old son a few months ago he was shot to death by the gangs. We can't show the parent's faces or even see their names because they're still in danger and the gang is now after their oldest son to. Many museums amendment DNA you know pull nail on the matter and then. Get a name land on my man outstanding men and Nina need Collins sending black things need to learn I'm Munich and a fast. For their son's own protection they sent him into hiding. To a safe house a few hours away do you. Feel like you need to get out. Okay. England name names and then and then. They may have black teens. That a gunman randomly any doesn't do you think there's going to be just decision on the on the same purpose Fannie and his face his. Low income one song I mean man you know my own money they're spending season. That a player sales. On Election Day bullying as he's in need. Minute funeral. Think could find Iraq on its side. And a woman you found. But these were ice is an investigator helping the family track down their son's killer he says the sixteen year old was shot five times. In this case he thinks he's got a lead. Look at that with the help of the book when we don't have is complete real name yet but we know whose alias his characteristics. And where he operates. But there's something he's not telling the parents yeah. Don't look. You know that doesn't matter anymore. I won't tell them because they're humble people and deserve respect. The violence is so bad and Santander Sula Honduras. That families of murder victims almost never see justice. Okay. Or about 97% of murders in Honduras going soft. The victims usually male. Range between fifteen and 25 years old its let's eliminate music. Sometimes assessment may be a neighbor or someone who lives a few blocks away and fumbles and people know him they are scared to report anything. Investigators have a photo album full of suspects in unsolved cases some news in the case of 116 year old murdered by the gangs. There may be a lead and there's one thing the investigator. Can't bear to tell his parents their son may have been. My final BS from Ryan and I personally I you know seamlessly all as a parent. Just imagine someone killing your son and then telling you to he's ending gang. Now here him non not gonna tell them because they're humble people and deserve respect sole means they have made it soon. Across town. The hospital is so dangerous the military recently took control of security. The school. In the Fifth Avenue will be mostly men in the last six months in the hospital has had tremendous problems assaults and robberies everything you get without security. No you know fund facility. We're in the pediatrics unit right looting and there's an arms. Military PI with a machine news right at the door. Such Olympic. To patients they can't save you end up here. Looks like a bus station maybe but it's actually the city morgue and dozens of people are out here waiting. For information about their loved ones there are just bodies. Piled up in here. Smaller islands. This woman has been waiting overnight in all day to clean her husband's body. He was shot the night before free cellphone killed right in front of her. I'm yeah. Feeling hey yeah. Her father waits nearby. First barely able to speak. Your rate for your daughter's life. You're thinking about leaving. Where were you go. My. Ward. A few feet away parents are desperately looking for missing children there are unsure if they're dead. We're live. Later that night of the salmon hit send your son away for his own protection. Right now we're driving about two hours outside San Pedro Sula with the family and lost their son in the violence here still can't show you their faces but we're going to visit their seventeen year old son was in hiding personal safety. Seventeen year old has been it is safe house honey from the same gang raped and murdered his younger Brothers. This deal home he's scared right now. Single men have been notified and scared something happened to my sister my mom and my dad and profiles. Talk to me and not lose games. Today they want you seeing him in the sun they were threatening him and telling me to join and they're not doing it rated B John Maine that's one kind of. He turns eighteen next month and hopes the military has a spot for us ironically it's his best shot at staying alive. A Q I mean staff going to in the military. Well one of vitamin better much so is. Who escaped the games. We'll have to confront them. It's so dangerous the only thing this patrol can really do. Is keeping an eye out for who maybe drug dealers. Or gang member. Anybody seen talking to the military to become a target. Lies a dangerous her for your team. They're ready for anything and they come ready to kill anyone here may be a lookout for the games. Full benefit gangs intimidate everyone here and they can force a person be an elderly woman kidney enforced in the service look at us. Normally an elderly. Oh. Friends. Are part of the games you can love you yeah yeah we're influence you're seeing right here where yeah. Seasonal. For the kids who live here it's not just the gang has their freedom the military can be just as intimidating for. Let's hear any. By 5 o'clock as night falls it's too dangerous to be out on the streets. That means it's time to go. Raise your hand if you're afraid when you when you leave here. So at 5 o'clock it's not seen live Saturday. Whether you'll have this article about a dozen. Douglas that was CPU and midnight in the economy get tough women getting into fights and the dissidents still. V 050. On the local business. But there is heading back home and forcing you tie one thing is clear and life here is all about survival.

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{"duration":"11:57","description":"Fusion Special Correspondent Dan Lieberman looks into the Central American border crisis, where children are fleeing the constant violence of their countries; San Pedro Sula being Honduras' darkest corner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"27698193","title":"Most Dangerous City in the World: San Pedro Sula","url":"/International/video/dangerous-city-world-san-pedro-sula-27698193"}