Deadly Hurricane Matthew Continues Destructive Path Toward US

Hurricane Matthew targeted the Bahamas and the U.S. after leaving a trail of devastation in the Caribbean that includes at least 11 deaths.
2:19 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Deadly Hurricane Matthew Continues Destructive Path Toward US
I just heard this Wednesday it would hurt he Mathieu the powerful storm spinning in the Caribbean. And prompting action here in the US right now Matthew is threatening the Bahamas with sustained winds of 125. Miles per hour. Today those islands will see heavy rain and powerful storm search parts of Cuba have received more than a foot of rain. At least eleven deaths are being blamed on that he's so far but that number expected to rise probably the worst of the damage so far is in remote areas of Haiti. The heavy rain caused flooding driving desperately poor residents from whatever was left of their homes. Officials say Matthews aftermath is Haiti's worst humanitarian crisis disaster since the catastrophic earthquake there and my intent. And their hurricane warnings posted now for portions of Florida's. East Coast while gaffe from there all the way up to North Carolina officials have been getting the word out their message the storm is on the way and needs to be taken seriously. Overnight preparing for a direct impact officials sounding the alarm as hurricane Matthew puts the U less in its bullseye. This is very serious. And you need to prepare and protect you and your fan base. People from the Florida Keys to North Carolina boarding up their home's and filling up their cars at this gas station near Miami there's only premium left and then. And at a house thought I was like I gotta give although they give it to the next statement. And that this Costco gas station drivers are waiting in line for more than an hour this morning this is one grocery stores look like open down the coast empty shelves as people stock up on the essentials. In all the water gone. The governors of four states Florida Georgia and the Carolinas declaring states of emergency drivel to leave early and go to date do that. Don't take a chance evacuations will begin this afternoon in South Carolina. Governor Nikki Haley has closed all schools along the coast and ordered more than one million people to get away from the shoreline where ever you are on the coast to watch get a hundred miles. Away from that farmers in North Carolina fearful of what math you could do to their crops. It's got a birthday salute just devastating to grow up entirely and the good lowered the only what is known doing to us and we use the team to face. And luckily we should say there is still some time to prepare for the hurricane and it begins before begins effective and less of that and Atlantic coast.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Hurricane Matthew targeted the Bahamas and the U.S. after leaving a trail of devastation in the Caribbean that includes at least 11 deaths.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"42579689","title":"Deadly Hurricane Matthew Continues Destructive Path Toward US","url":"/International/video/deadly-hurricane-matthew-continues-destructive-path-us-42579689"}