December 21, 2012

The mystery revealed for this symbolic date on the Mayan calendar.
3:00 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for December 21, 2012
News. -- get from alliance hot chocolate war comforting. Some even call and after -- Also from the -- Possibly -- prediction for the end of the world. Or is it all from about 250 until 900 AG the -- is where the big dogs of the Americas. From southern Mexico to Honduras where huge -- astronomy and architecture. But really made a name for themselves with their calendar. It's complicated. So buckle up. Our solar calendar essentially runs along it never ending line so we'll get -- year 9999. We won't roll over like a car odometer. We tacked on another digit. But for the -- it's not that simple. It's a system of three interlocking wheels each -- a different length of time. Similar to the weeks months and years of our solar calendar. But because it's a circular system there's a twist think of their calendar as of pike we there's no end because. Well. It's a continuous loop so at some -- these we'll combinations. We'll climb back up and the we'll repeat. Which is what happens on 12212012. You could call -- a calendar reboot just don't call -- the end. We have the same thing happened 5000 years ago we and we know that -- was very important in mind control. It's Wayne -- -- to -- refueled and. Simon Martin and -- -- there have rock star status at the university of Pennsylvania's and museum. These archaeologists in the men are trying to tease out the hype from reality using ancient Mayan artifacts. So here's -- thing. Nowhere in all of these calendars or inscriptions to the -- say any thing about doomsday or end of the world and yet. They're still hype over marking this big day because the -- themselves. We're a little Fuzzy over why the state was important. Problem is from my own talk about it twice. All the thousands inscriptions this year -- mentioned to time. And both time the kind of music as as an anchor point that we can -- -- tell. Instead these descriptions give you a good reason to order that Tony K for the -- for. It's like in New Year's people here think as the opening of a new period of time and celebrate both my heritage as well as our own place -- -- amazing global world. Hang around twenty seconds exactly -- Dan Butler ABC news.

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{"id":18008654,"title":"December 21, 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"The mystery revealed for this symbolic date on the Mayan calendar.","url":"/International/video/december-21-2012-18008654","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}