New developments in mystery surrounding journalist's disappearance

According to a Turkish official, police have found "certain evidence" inside the consulate that Jamal Khashoggi may have been murdered.
4:15 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for New developments in mystery surrounding journalist's disappearance
We might get right to that breaking news about that missing Washington Post columnist there may now be evidence of his murder. Molly hunter is in Istanbul Turkey where he was last seen mommy would we know right now. And hey good morning actress that we just got a report from the Associated Press ABC it has not confirmed it but it's an anonymous Turkish official. This told the Associated Press that they have a quote certain. Evidence from inside the cabinet consulates just behind you will get you closer in the second but yesterday we side team Turkish investigators. And patty investigators go in the Turkish officials are the one leaking. Betty and I and this is only been running into for the last few weeks these are all anonymous sources no one is going on record thanks. This is the evidence we have this is Wyatt says Beauchamp up to show he was killed inside the consulate the Turks have been saying that since the beginning they haven't changed their story. Remembered and they also said they had audio and video that proves the ninth but again no one's going on the record airline president airline is not going on the record and we have not heard or seen it. Any evidence. Yet definitely very secretive so far it's anonymous first time the AP that they have found evidence that. That he was killed inside the consulate. It's Molly the stakes are really high here were not only talking about a human life obviously but. Saudi Arabia is a crucial ally to the United States as well as the largest oil producer. And yet de at the highest levels of the government are being accused of being a part of this secretary of state Mike Pompeo is there are now. Any developments on the diplomatic front. And now to say they're being accused but not directly not on the record by now it's anonymous Turkish officials. Again Turkish president airline hasn't come out and sad. You know. And BS the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has done next or order that's the secretary of state Mike Pompeo landed in Saudi Arabia say he's in Riyadh and he met with kings come on he met with an BS. Annexing just want to show you some video of that meeting gives the optics Diana are fascinating normally and diplomatic fat like it. In this State's the president the United States or the secretary of state would summon the diplomatic. Wrapped they are there ambassador to Washington but instead. Secretary of state Pompeo has won all the way across the word we do know though apart according to the pool report is traveling. With secretary of state Pompeo a I'm all smiles joking about jet lag and apparently and BS. Turns to the secretary of state and says we are really strong an old allies that we face our challenges together in the past. A day of and tomorrow and Pompeo of that missing a beat appears to say. Absolutely but again these optics are really hard to get over with it also hear from the State Department spokesperson in Washington DC Heather Ewart who's said that secretary Pompeo. Has spoken with president trump and national security advisor Bolton. And she said learning what happened to jamaat to show he is the primary purpose of this trip. And it's a great interest to the president the secretary has made that clear. In each of his meetings today fans. And Molly another also reports overnight that the saudis were preparing some sort of report to admit that this was an interrogation gone wrong. Any more on that. So again there are a lot of regret that there this is at CNN report that broke last night ABC news has not confirmed that. But it's reporting that the saudis are going to put at a report that says. This was an interrogation gone wrong that it was not cleared from the highest levels of the government and additionally that the people responsible. Will be held to account. And this brings up all sorts of questions why this saudis have been telling us for two weeks now that actually jamaat to show he entered the consulate and and walked out on his. If it's this think Saudi officials he said he walked out why do we believe them now and additionally if the cover story is that they were just luring him into the conflict to interrogate him in with an inherent. An interrogation gone wrong that's not much of a cover story Philly journalist. And and it is a rendition gone wrong there's so many questions Turkish officials also said that there was of course a bone sock. We do not have evidence of that ABC news has not confirm this but basically that and we need someone to go on the record here and yeah still so many questions and a lot of them. Left unanswered question as left of the imagination not always the best way. Molly hunter there from Istanbul Turkey Molly thank you for trying to get the answers at least will check in with UNC.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"According to a Turkish official, police have found \"certain evidence\" inside the consulate that Jamal Khashoggi may have been murdered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58536631","title":"New developments in mystery surrounding journalist's disappearance","url":"/International/video/developments-mystery-surrounding-journalists-disappearance-58536631"}