Heir to the Throne: Awaiting Royal Baby's Birth

Excitement builds as Kate Middleton remains in labor at St. Mary's Hospital in London.
20:38 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Heir to the Throne: Awaiting Royal Baby's Birth
I'm -- Cutler -- New York with an ABC news digital special report the heir apparent about to make to proud parents of Kate and Prince William. After nine months and what we think might be a couple more hours possibly a couple of days. Kate duchess of Cambridge is in labor the royal -- should be joining us sometime very soon. A lot of eager eyes watching there the Linda way outside of -- hospital in -- and officials -- -- -- entered Saint Mary's just before 6 o'clock local time this morning and we'll deliver her first child third in line and -- of course. In that exclusive window win swing we're joined now from London by ABC's -- -- and and with us here in New York. Mark -- so we essentially have. An American and England and an englishman in the states and also with -- princess Diana's private secretary for eight years Patrick Jefferson. And doctor Jennifer actions that we have all angles covered for. This royal baby watch first -- though I wanna go back to London and nick -- is standing by nick. It's -- checked and basically. In the cover of darkness this morning. She was very very sneaky she went through this side entrance and -- as you know you've been here there are dozens of cameras there's over a hundred. Reporters from dozens of countries -- -- right outside the front door. A few hundred feet away around the corner there's a side entrance. That's where Kate -- -- shut up around 6630 this morning only two cars there's only two photographers anywhere nearby they didn't get a good shot so nobody knew that she was inside. She saw her doctors they checked her out. They were happy with their status and then and only then to the palace actually at 730 or so local time release to the world. That Kate is in the hospital. As she's in labor that was nine hours ago and so -- -- describing here until we are all waiting for this baby to arrive wow a relatively small entourage. Is certainly by any kind of -- standards I imagine security now run a hospital across this city has certainly been stepped up. Yeah of course there's massive security history is completely shut off but there's a lot of well wishers and there's a lot of people being allowed. To come up to the hospital give their respects frankly give interviews to that does a hundred media outlets and the same thing outside Buckingham Palace been -- Huge excitement 345. Deep and the reason they're gathered they're not only because the queen. Is inside but this afternoon -- this evening or tomorrow morning who knows when the baby is actually born. The official announcement will come to Buckingham Palace they'll walk out of the doors of the -- wing with a paper on Buckingham Palace letter -- signed by the doctors. That paper will be given a police escort. Back to the palace and they'll bring out an easel that haven't been had a hasn't been used for 31 years since William. Was born they'll put that announcement on the easel and then and only then will we know the sex of the baby the color of his or her hair perhaps. How old. Here she asked -- how how how much. He -- when he was born and that'll be official announced that there will be no official announcement for example on Twitter FaceBook before that -- And of course that we have to be careful about this because gender neutral we don't know and Kate and William -- now either so it's going to be a surprise for the whole world really. It'll be -- you see. How modern technology and social media will sort of play into this age old ritual -- -- announcement from an air. Parents. -- I think there's no doubt that Kate and William have been they'll have to -- most modern couple make use FaceBook. They've used Twitter the palace has used social media to get out the story of this new. Very young very popular. Generation out there but -- William really said that they wanted to have a nod to the history of the moment it's not very often that we get the third in line. To the throne -- was the first time in over a hundred years they'll actually have three. Leaving heirs to the throne other than the monarch him or herself so it's a historic time and that's why. Kate and William are having that nod to history and having a very elaborate very traditional. Pat that that piece of paper being delivered to the palace rather than announcing on FaceBook or Twitter. ABC's -- -- -- -- at the center of all of the attention right now in London -- thank you for that. About every and I got to Jennifer Ashton and doctor -- we know the duchess has been in the hospital now for about nine nine to ten hours so what do we know. About the -- this condition when she arrived -- Mary's. Well all that was really released at this point was that it. When the duchess was admitted she was in early -- now it in terms of the technical obstetrics definition for that. Generally that means between less then four to sex six centimeters dilated. And as we know first babies can take quite a while it can take about an hour per centimeter so. We're right around the time -- out if she were very very early in her labor. That we might be expecting to hear news about a -- but again. We really let nature take take its course as much as possible as long as both maternal and fetal status looks reassuring. No let me ask you this such action because I'm we don't earlier on in her pregnancy we -- that case were suffering from an extreme. -- difficult form -- morning sickness does that play any kind of a role in the pregnancy. It -- and -- we're talking about high Paramus says switches some people remember that the Jack duchess did suffer in the first trimester. Typically when it once that has passed healthy woman. At term which she is close or over her due date -- progress with a very normal and really just uneventful labor and delivery that's what we hoped for as obstetricians. And we also should -- and she does have not one but two doctors attending this birth. And it's important for people to understand that the vast majority of time for young healthy women with an uncomplicated pregnancy labor and delivery. Progress is very smoothly with hopefully minimal intervention. But rarely. There are true obstetrics emergencies we have to remember there are two lives two patients -- state and so therefore. Two pairs of hands often times could be needed but. But generally this is this is just something that as obstetricians. We stand back and less is more. Well let's be realistic -- unfortunately. The royals are not like you went on. This should they do things a little differently right hand but from a doctor's point of -- are there any kind of special treatments aside from having as a -- a second doctor available there. Medically available to indicate that one might not see with other patients at hospitals. Well it doesn't appear to -- that that case I mean from all indicated reports the duchess wanted as much of -- natural birth experience as possible which is certainly very very common. And you know it it also bears repeating that while the world's attention is focused on the events in the labor and to liberty delivery unit at Saint Mary's hospital this is a scene that is going on. In many. Labor and delivery units throughout the country -- of course in various parts of the world. And every bit as exciting to those expectant parents. This is why it's metrics is so thrilling and. And as a doctor what do you tell your patient -- the fact that all eyes all attention. Are on you right now. Well you know what I what I would tell my patients as you've you've -- done herculean thing which is go through. By the way not nine months it's really ten months it's forty weeks of pregnancy. And enjoy these last moments before you become a first time parent and first time mother trust your body trust the process. Of childbirth. And enjoy the experience it it's it's very very thrilling. For anyone and going through it for the first time and for subsequent times and I dare say it gives new meaning to the term crowning. -- with I was waiting for someone to come up with that and you know what. You've made a check on my bigger -- -- and I've pre corporate check with you a little bit later on you that I want to bring in now the late princess -- its chief of staff for eight years from 1988. -- 1996. -- Jackson. Patrick thank you so much for joining us today. You house or have been behind the royal -- More than anyone really any given the personalities in the tradition that comes along. With bringing up an heir apparent how do you think the day -- unfolding at the hospital today. Well really this is this is a for -- a great royal event. And as we've seen the British royal organization is pretty good at laying -- on this sort of causes particularly joyful. But it it's a very interest -- way of all of in a sense putting punctuation marks into the the British constitution. The British royal family is. How would the British people measure their history in terms of kings and queens rains. And them here we see the process in action -- game. The Dennis C has achieved its primaries -- which is 22. To maintain itself and to carry be the tradition for the next generation. One thing I would add very is that from now on this little baby is gonna find its life is run like clockwork there's going to be a timetable for everything. And this may be its last opportunity. To to keep everybody else waiting. It. Richer and -- and not by much of its own decision on this. Kate of course Mary into the royal family her parents found out there now beholden. Two royal traditions and protocol what now is the process once this child is born has become third in line to that around. Is there sort of an education process that will take place for the middle tends floor protocol. -- -- For an organization that many people think he's very high -- with tradition and precedent and because there is lots of tradition around the royal family. My experience was that you do make a lot of it up as you go along particular. -- you. New people in a new young people -- new ideas Princess Diana in that sense was extraordinarily. Revolutionary and in in many of the new ways of thinking that she brought to this ancient institution and I'm quite sure that that William and Kate will carry on. Perhaps -- to him in quite such a a flamboyant style but definitely the institutional continue to evolve and nine involves the the -- -- as well -- as we know you are. From good honest -- royal stock. And therefore I think there's some interest in -- in that how they will continue to be involved in the upbringing of the baby quite obviously. Kate is part of a close and loving family we can expect the buildings being part of this story for a long time become. I think you -- -- an excellent point there because so many people have. -- -- remarked the fact that William and Kate really do bucked the trend and they have sort of become the new face of royalty. Literally and figuratively speaking you started -- under the service of Princess Diana when the -- were about four and six years old. So obviously you got to see a lot of the changes in transformations that that. Generation was able to incorporate what you exposed what do you suppose that will be K williams' legacy what will what will bear mark -- and racing the next royal. Well interestingly my experience was that they -- getting -- much control evidence that that events. Tend to take charge and an institution like the monarchy. Does not dictate events it adapts to events and how well -- that manages to achieve that that process of -- pollution determines the long term health. Of the whole institution -- William and Kate it's too -- -- disabled -- legacy is going to be and it's worth remembering also that unlike Diana and Charles these -- not the next in line to the threatened. -- it was going to be the next queen Kate is the next queen but one. William is over the next king you'll be the next king but one so they do have a little -- room historically. To develop -- and -- to achieve that kind of job satisfaction that I want to get out of its unique destiny. Being so close to Diana actually working you speak to how her sons might be feeling on a day like today. Obviously a very happy day and with of course the eyes -- the attention of the entire world. Focused on you and your family. I -- -- and also gives you a moment to pause and to think and reflect about Princess Diana. Yes I think that the Princess Diana. Is is the perhaps the most of the most poignant absentee from this whole story she would have been 52. And a very youthful 52 I'm sure and a very involved grandmother. But more than that. -- greats. Model a great example for any. New royal person coming -- to -- into this organization. Diana's life both in positive -- negative ways that leaves plenty for any new royal prince or princess to learn from. -- and. And do you feel as if that said the duchess has taken her cue from a lot of the BB -- is that a lot of -- style. That the late Princess Diana had incorporated into the -- marking. I think it's very tempting to look at -- and Diana and see lots of similarities are gonna say I see more differences than similarities perhaps the most obvious one being the by the time. She was the age dictate his now. Diana had an eleven year old son. Diana had at -- when she was only twenty so. There -- -- a great many differences between. The two women. The similarity of course is their -- that cold to a lifetime of juicy and their children are born into a lifetime a tradition of service. He's -- politicians are running for office who've. Got to. Win over a particular constituency. These are people whose whole lives and -- given David to the service of the country and the people who -- the -- through to the British crown around the world. No small task and -- Patrick Jensen thank you so much for your time and for your insight. I want to bring in now journalist and royal watcher mark Ellwood mark thanks for joining us hopefully. We will have a baby to discuss very soon but in the meantime a lot of talk with a British press that particular. Walk our American viewers -- the different types of papers who's reading what. And how this has been covered. Such as liberal Moses a lot of newspapers in Britain a very powerful and they divide into some two camps. One has the broad sheets voters of the posh papers and one of the red tops the tabloids and everyone reads all of them even though they -- to street Paul -- Adam -- to smuggle that on the on the trying bought what you've got -- for example one of the broad sheets the -- -- which is the most left wing of -- approaches. That's may have a royal fan but today they couldn't ignore the royal news I love the -- that on the home page of guardians website there's a little button. And says Republican or royalist and it was switched to news around depending on what you care about the -- baby on -- And it's fascinating. Back -- how politics. Hadn't hierarchy can play and civic cultural and the editorial decisions on an home page I just love the other thing -- I love the -- -- -- which is one of the bowl Boston newspapers and Burton. And it's already moved on from the -- -- -- you know debate is coming because what next. What the Daily Mail is obsessed with -- is who will be in -- morning coffee -- -- around the palace for a couple coffee Walden the total is -- together. The -- now thinks it has identified women who have both -- off and pregnant enough. To fits into that middle group of people. So admit they -- and how people can tell fled their houses so that they can united. He walks and see if they -- -- to the palace so this is an inner circle of Kate's friends existing or just basically looking at what -- rapture is and yes OK I think you qualify -- I. It's it's I think it's a little bit of both I think they just have to the right accidents and be pregnant. -- who helped indicating qualifiers. -- what -- a little bit about when's the baby is -- and -- what is next for case with that would that the princess a maternity leave -- he does -- get -- is that -- -- -- -- -- when when -- have the queen in -- -- -- I don't know protocol is that perhaps we might be making some alterations that as well I think just writing down an extra -- -- pickup we have all the in Britain you you if you have a mandated 52 weeks maternity leave of which 39 weeks would be -- -- -- really nice -- all. -- -- get a year were all in all likelihood but she will stop taking engagements. -- stop taking formal trips. Overseas of course the royals to a lot of Lexington market opening in what -- -- along the commonwealth. And she won't be going on -- -- anytime soon -- -- -- -- haven't Princess Diana her role because. -- I've been reading it really is is fascinating that when an heir apparent is born there is that. Wall of separation where you are placed in the hands of a man. Our caregiver and you continue -- with the royal duties. I think that this was that was true for a long long time essentially when a royal baby was born you shot them in the nursery and then -- got -- shall be left and then you have someone else and make sure that they grow up okay. At AT and -- useful -- -- report Romero embroiled UT's. Princess Diana channels changed a -- Diehl Diana actually started taking. The children -- -- when she travels -- when they took an engagement to Australia I love this in 1980 story. That would it was Billiton with a sheet for a moment and rural Australia to the -- Charles Diana -- running around the continent but to take a few guys off. Ron see the baby pops us back to Sydney and keep you know I'm going to museums and -- ordinance because presence Diana and easier said -- my baby behind. -- that he was listening -- correct she was exactly -- sort of put -- -- is that she put her foot down and said. You know I wanna be more hands on mother and all of the reports about Kate and William all that they really want to follow that for its -- in the sign white which is kind of -- I just have this image of them checking into the royal suite at some fall flung her talent as you know royal -- Waiting for this by. Middleton family where they fit into all of this because we really -- -- especially with the wedding we did the -- has become a very active participation. Again where there is pomp and circumstance. And a lot of protocol that is institute -- the British marquis. On at the same time there was certainly a great deal of the militants. Having their signature. And what you really are asking me is will Carroll managed to persuade them to name it name the baby -- have to go. You cut right to that question -- you just I just. I think accountable to the bit like the bird is Chris Gemma she's -- agents detonate the stage mom who has ring mistress -- orders to suit install fine. So I think if if Chris -- what that she'd be all over it and I presume Carole Littleton will be today migrants but there are cracker that comparison so that there there's one for the books in the lastly speaking on the books what the cookies and got that often has people love to put money on that -- -- that -- -- the way acting hair color eye color. In Britain it's it's really it's a sort of national polls and anytime there's a big events the bookings will declare their opinions of people put money on it. What on it was love is the bookings are treated as if that somehow slight kick. So that whatever they expect is that it's a window into the trees and monuments if you follow that the -- -- -- one to two dogs that it's going to be ago. Princess -- again I'm just waiting for a health. You might that you might be that La carte Blanche that would mark Elway. Thank you so much and against him to recap simply the royal baby on the way Kate duchess of Cambridge. Answering twelve hours of labor. About to give birth of the child who will be third in line into the crowd and of course we well like the rest of the world watching. Waiting for the big announcement. Of course we will break again Whitman announcement is until then this has been an ABC news that special report check out the royal baby -- -- you're an ABC news dot opera now. I'm Dan Butler New York.

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