Distracted Texter Survives Fall Into Icy Canal

Newsreader Laura Safe got out of the water without injury in Birmingham, England.
1:13 | 01/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Distracted Texter Survives Fall Into Icy Canal
Well you might remember the woman walked up straight into the fountain at a mall while she was texting -- remember everything -- got so much publicity. Surely it couldn't happen again. Right you are clearly -- Watch this surveillance video here she comes down a flight of stairs -- -- right into his seemingly frozen canal -- Birmingham England. Now the woman says she was texting her boyfriend -- the great -- simply looked like more. Students filled out by a passer by and other than an extreme case of embarrassment she was. Failing that staircases to close to that time -- that's the lord you talk and -- I was totally distracted him down as he deserves close we always funny to that that case in the in the where the moment felt that ball found yeah she tried to sue them all because -- released a security tape isn't they tried to try to -- -- -- Distress should be embarrassed share we'll see investors say parents -- Ahmed judging I mean I have walked into into windows as you know like you or Twitter hauling this this. I didn't walk -- -- I did hear a little bit that.

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{"id":18313340,"title":"Distracted Texter Survives Fall Into Icy Canal","duration":"1:13","description":"Newsreader Laura Safe got out of the water without injury in Birmingham, England.","url":"/International/video/distracted-texter-survives-fall-icy-canal-18313340","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}