Ebola Virus Spreading in Nigeria

The World Health Organization says there have been more than 100 cases between Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone within the last week.
12:07 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Ebola Virus Spreading in Nigeria
-- The Ebola Virus spreading in west -- Africa the World Health Organization. Seeing there have been more than a hundred cases and just the last week. And today the disease killing -- and nurse and Africa's most populous country right now the international hot spot Lagos Nigeria. -- -- Michelle Franzen in New York the -- -- very real now and Nigeria. As a second person a nurse was killed by the Ebola Virus she mystery in the first man who died of Ebola in Nigeria. Patrick Sawyer a liberian American who died under of the virus when he arrived in Lagos. Now another eight people are suspected. A -- being able. And today we're also learning more about how the two infected American workers made it back to the US ABC's -- Gonzales joining us now live with the latest developments hi Marcy. I'm Michelle -- no official update from doctors on how they're doing. But loved -- -- both patients' conditions are improving. Today Nancy rifle in her first full day of care here at Emory university hospital. The 59 year old -- -- yesterday to an isolated wing of the hospital where her colleague doctor -- Brantley is also being treated. He arrived Saturday -- traveling 5000 miles from Liberia where they were infected. ABC news obtaining this exclusive video of one of their flights you can -- -- health care worker wearing a protective suit. In a -- specially designed to keep the disease from spreading. Because of all of the safety procedures and training I certainly do not have any concern that I would. Either acquire the disease. Or certainly not pass -- on to any family member or anyone else -- counter back here at home. But they're still serious concern in West Africa where the World Health Organization says there have been more than 100 new cases just this week. Including the nurse who died after treating an infected liberian American man in Nigeria. Still dozens of health care workers are heading into the heart of the outbreak to put it under control. Have that Cheney you can help -- As a precaution the peace corps has now evacuated its volunteers from the region. What IO. Would have -- to do -- -- probably the right decision. As rifles loved ones praised the decision to bring her back whole week ago -- we were thinking about a possible. Funeral arrangements. Yet we kept our faith. And both of our sons are now here supporting her there is a lot of optimism about both patients' recovery Michelle. NEC's -- Gonzales thank you. For more on the spread of a -- and West Africa we're joined now by Reuters chief Nigeria correspondent Tim Cox from Lagos. Jim what can you -- jealous about the nurse and the others who are now infected. Well bill -- V infected have contact -- -- sort of the is that the primary source of infection in Nigeria. Adult in the minds and in wit -- they do what didn't make it clear whether -- all of them had been involved in treats him but that was certainly the impression that they gave of this these -- people. Indeed that helped him from the apple when he arrived. -- were involved in treating him. The -- Woods it was revealed to during a press conference today that they deny us two to him was not wearing proper protective gates that she was getting. Somebody third spot on and she didn't have the equipment. -- because they didn't realize that it took them a couple of days that you realize what happened with -- -- -- that day they didn't know he'd come from Liberia -- music he'd fallen sick of the apple. And it was only when they later found out to -- -- Paramount -- was that he was from Liberia that they thought that the question. Maybe this is a -- and called -- experts to test his blood. And with the people that are now infected Howell are other's citizens in that area and medical workers. Taking this news is there any hint of panic in Lagos. And don't know Randy stated this people being surprisingly cool headed but that this is a country that. Seems to be being hit with -- -- -- commemorative -- of this suffering of the Islamist insurgents in and both. The bombs going off embarrassed parts of the country. There's always been I'm a big big accident problem with corruption. And that is that it's always been -- whether it's it's been quite a violent place -- kidnapping is is endemic. Security problems. Learned here everywhere in the game Lagos to -- -- -- in. Many parts of the country as I think people look to sitting -- -- -- the -- just yet another thing for us the worry about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't hear from I've inspects a couple of so keep this. He say that sat bill. Patents on thousands finished so clearly people authorities take precautions but to think about I would in my means to have an outbreak in the -- like this. And looking at the region as a holder seems to be also. Some distrust with the government how is that making treating patients typical. -- 199 here that this is -- is proposed -- Distrust of the government -- is there -- moments permanent feature of but like I think it in this case is that they're actually taking them quite serious stepping it's been born -- as you say in Liberia where they've just been a complete breakdown of their ability to coach -- they just didn't have. The medical stuff they didn't have the bill says they can't even complimented because he's gonna voluntary if if -- profession. -- people. Unable to. -- to do it it's supposed to -- to contain it and they've reached a stage regular relatives of kind of dumping bodies in in the street because that business just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Health services they think if they go to bring. The body of a dead relative that they'll be made detained and potentially -- might catch it. And the the the bit to some extent -- has justified because the because the -- that the process of isolation hasn't been. Very well done and you have had cases where relatives have been detained them and maybe they didn't have it before and then when they would make her -- the. Rule. They stay longer and in the -- inflation will they do have it. And mrs. something which the local authorities and managed you've stated they -- they're still trying to get it together so they can separate suspected cases. From confirmed cases -- the last and you want to thank detain someone. Uses a suspected case you don't have it even catches it in in the isolation. Would we also say the awareness campaigns that are under way do you know if this is making -- big difference. In educating people on how they can protect themselves. I'm event Sunday trying I think. On the nine -- connectors being able to Nigeria is the business. A lot of messages -- that have been they've been taking out and drugs. There's been. He -- -- -- also institutions from from the health ministry to the police the sending out messages not not -- spending has been envisioning this -- what most people speak. Telling them the united that this is what needs a way around it is also this -- little salute you don't need to -- about the timing reference you can't catch it from me from farm animals. And -- United's only certain types of fugitive -- been -- I have written mainly pushed me to the brass monkeys that kind of thing so I think the bill during their breasts are full of people. Vehicles that are you know -- there is there is it a bit of panic and and this is also -- a region in which people do tend to think of disease. As something to do with. Coming up with some kind of spiritual -- so there's a risk for builders the the local. Which -- total -- just cost. And the authorities have already mentioned that they do -- hit any. Witness any of many so called traditional -- when he took office saying making -- -- for -- that the bill -- those people will be. Arrested so that they're still very much trying to get with the correct. A scientific message out there about how this disease -- -- and there are also seems to be some criticism and some anger in some areas. Over the fact that the American aid workers received an experimental anti -- and Africans did not what can you tell us about the reaction there. Yeah it hasn't. Hasn't come up back strongly -- -- sits down their -- On earth I -- you are too young to have 102 -- say well you know it they've tested it. On us than people will be saying why are you testing this era moment on African women not ready so there is there is a little bit of an element of damned -- you do damned if you -- -- the same time yes. If you look at the speed. -- which. Proper treatment was given. To the the American citizens and and the if -- parent effectiveness of it. Then yes I think people -- -- feel a bit like well -- the system on the case way if this disease. Affected people in into the richer countries in the west. Then they would have done some things to sorted out -- -- and and that this kind of proves that the reason I've -- has -- -- -- look at him as the effects. Africans and -- rule pull Africans of that. This might be the first time that that actually changes because you have some well educated professionals you have a -- himself as an American citizen. As well as a liberian. And and you know maybe maybe did -- -- this sort of genuine -- for the first time if opponents spreading and becoming global. Sonoma could be well suppose action to. To actually find a vaccine Britain. Can you tell us about some of the villages they are not heeding a precautionary measures -- the governments have laid out. Maybe they don't follow traditional medicine or because of superstitions has -- been hindering. Also are in and helping the spread of yet. Yes -- having come from the beginning. You've you've had. I think it was even spread. I need to have to -- my -- on the stunning news spread originally from from Guinea. Two Liberia because someone went to go to C could someone have the symptoms and went to go -- a traditional -- crossed the border. -- that traditional both of them -- it. So yes that did this is this is apartment impacted the non Nigerian. Authorities and I've been. Their biggest -- of these -- mega churches which sometimes have. But tens of thousands of people who do arrive and payroll coming to big congregation and -- often -- with differences which they want to be killed. Much like some others Pentecostal churches -- America the hospital but his hand on you praise. And you're supposed to be America secure of this one. In particular they weren't about -- TB Joshua. He was you have there is -- and renowned throughout -- after people traveled from all over the West Africa to come and see him. To be cured of various ailments so there would be little -- authorities actually have been meeting with him and -- you know -- -- -- -- look I'm not gonna. A -- I'm putting my people don't -- their. Fuel from Syria and Liberia stay away we don't you know we don't want -- -- -- He's these these guys saw he speaks to be these kind of mega church -- do seem to be taking it. I've quite seriously the yes there is there have been mission and divisions of traditional focus. And I don't think there's any guarantee that bit that these these problems been resolved. Reuters -- Nigeria correspondent Tim Cox thank you for joining us from Lagos. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and star in this story. For exclusive updates on the -- you've been watching international hot -- I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"12:07","description":"The World Health Organization says there have been more than 100 cases between Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone within the last week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24867280","title":"Ebola Virus Spreading in Nigeria","url":"/International/video/ebola-virus-spreading-lagos-nigeria-24867280"}