Ethiopia’s war displaces more than 40,000 people

Hundreds are feared dead after Ethiopian forces and the governing power in Tigray, the TPLF, began fighting.
5:19 | 12/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ethiopia’s war displaces more than 40,000 people
Audi go from winning the Nobel Peace Prize being blamed for humanitarian crisis all in just months. This is a reality for the leader of Ethiopia lost so much the world has gripped with the pandemic there is a crisis brewing in his country with deadly consequences. In panel reports. What you're watching is a full scale humanitarian crisis sweeping if you Pia. While much of the world is gripped plant virus and vaccine. Others the grip on Warren won't over 40000 people who fled the fighting and bloodshed in the north and to grind region many with nothing but the clothes on that back. If we work in our CB it'd be very very very dangerously self rhino here at least we are saved. When we try this game we didn't take any kind of like a car by gains we just on these games. Walking for days to get to the two keys a river. Went boats ferried them across to sensory in Sudan. Last week they were normal families with normal homes today. That refugees. We never expected to be risky G. We never expected I can tell if we're sure 100%. And this is what now passes for whom the school lead tented camps the tilt was little shelter with dignity. He it would mean tell terrible tales of the biblical struggle some even giving us while we were fleeing. And. I keep berth in the desert under the strong sun known was around he can have including. And some people Sonnen peaking towards me in keep the BB a back in some random puddle. At Venice refugee camp fourteen meetings and hadn't received any hand I have no clothes to Wear. Their exodus is propelled by an all out war between the ruling party in the to grind region known as the TP left and Ethiopia's central government. Officially hundreds have already being killed human rights activists fear the death told is even greater. But wait you mean it is an indiscriminate attacks are both I don't. Activists say they've been reports of ethnically targeted killings the who's who managed to escape described scenes of carnage. And people were killed bullets knives swords but we ran into the desert and an into the mountains to hide. Today we came here and we only just made it. Tensions between the TPI left in the central governments have been brewing for years. But it all came to a head last month when the TP LF attacked bases but only to Ethiopian defense forces into gras night. In the move to reassert control prime minister be meant ordered the military into two grind to dissolve the TPI left. As luck to all that was brought to. We want to send a message to the public in Mattel to save themselves from any artillery attacks and free themselves from the junta. After that. There'll be no mercy. Abby was deemed a reformer when he came to power in 2018. Even winning the Nobel Peace Prize to ending a decades long war with neighboring Eritrea. But this latest incursion has raised grave concerns apaches leadership. He normalized. In his Emily PU Norman eyes and cast in the country. And that's why we're here. Over the weekend Ethiopia's military took control of the capital of two grown like. Prompting the prime minister to declare victory claiming but one civilian had been killed. But until today communication and access to to grind of being completely cut off even now this claims are hard to verify. The unique thing that's beyond dispute the school is having families of Pollack's. Rep Gil has become a refugee and she says her mother was killed and even now she doesn't know rule and has siblings Nam. The loss he's too much to back. In the fight for self determination this war is far from Aruba. The TP outlet says it's not backing down and the royals so great coincidence over the fate of tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees who were inside. To grind with refugees being in that area. We are worried that they had been caught in the conflict. Ended we do know that. Without having access to cash. You'll. You bet that supplies were very much threatening out of it had run out already. For weeks humanitarian had been unable to reach the region. Secretary state my competitor went on the record calling full put a stop to dialogue and free safe and hinted humanitarian access. And today the government signed to deal allowing access to facilitate groups but for those still in to drive the fear is that this rule is far from open. That moo lives will be lost more people displaced. For the tens of thousands who already fled Africa's newest refugees. No telling when all rich deliver be able to go back home the impaneled for ABC news line. So much uncertainty about just how long they'll being displaced our thanks to Ian for that.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Hundreds are feared dead after Ethiopian forces and the governing power in Tigray, the TPLF, began fighting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"74516642","title":"Ethiopia’s war displaces more than 40,000 people","url":"/International/video/ethiopias-war-displaces-40000-people-74516642"}