Europe battles 2nd COVID-19 wave

Germany imposes a partial lockdown, and soon France will follow, as European countries bring back COVID-19-related restrictions.
4:16 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Europe battles 2nd COVID-19 wave
As Americans cite a rise in Kobe cases here at home Europe is fighting a new wave of cases abroad. Germany is imposing a new partial lockdown to slow the spread in France is expected to announce its own restrictions. KBC news foreign correspondent Maggie really joins us now from London. With the latest on that Maggie some of these lock downs are pretty strict how bad are the numbers right now and what kinds of restrictions are we looking up. Hey Danny and his numbers just keep rising it seemed like over the past month nearly every day we're seeing a new record numbers and hospitals lesions as well as cases. The governments have tried really hard this past month not to go into a total lockdown. Here in the UK it was sort of region in a region each one was in a tear and they tried to not going that nationwide lockdown but now. It seems like this week all of Europe is turning a corner more and more countries it seems that a new and every day are going into a full lockdown you mention France. You mention Germany Germany just announce that new lockdown. A nationwide but cute and even then governments are hesitant in saying it's not like the last time Germany is calling there's almost. A light lockdown so while things like bars and restaurants are closed. Other things like schools and hair salons are able to remain open and even said. You know try to stick to just your household if you have to see one other household he can do that sedan we're seeing this constant balancing negotiation pieces are rising. They know they have to do something many are going into lockdown but they also are debating how much can you really ask of people. Tenet similar situation do with the US is dealing with as well. Yet sure as you know and here we do see that and that division when it comes to restrictions some people are really worried they feel like things like lock downs or necessary. Others want to see the economy stay open an and don't want to Wear masks. How does a debate going there and how do you think it's compares to thaci the same kind of push back. There and as we see here in the US. Get and it's funny it seems like every country's dealing with these same questions he same pushed fax. How do you handle a pandemic how do you handle lock downs and get I think a lot of people want this clear answer from the government but they do acknowledge that. There are no clear answers in a pandemic we went out and spoke with a lot different people in London today and how we come true the same underlying thing at the bottom of the day. They're just frustrated they're getting tired of a lockdown they want answers. But the answers aren't really there to listen. Is that it has been an EPA guidelines were being. They sit something clinical back when men and plummeted to its home page schooled and they can say to school this vacate events could just put an accident videos and then to bring into the house that would enmity I think it's just cheap and easy. That would be I think people of them have made a mistake thinking they need to balance economics was withheld when there's nor economy when they're sick a pandemic sweeping through your country it's. You have to handle that first night I think some of kind of aired on the wrong side. Here in the UK I think and I think there's been back again some mixed messaging. And could have been incidences where rules of seem to apply to some people enough to others. Basically people in positions of power are actually government. I'm sort of frustrating I think for the average Londoner the average Brit. But you know this a country that just carries on so we. Hazardous I think people are gonna whether this. Autism making sense that. A sometimes they just can't make some rumors but without thinking many human they don't care anymore. You can send and I even laying miles. The people that just acting only like moment days before her own not knowing mosques and then don't handle it just off single. We've waited so hot be different says I'm restrictions. And speaking with another restriction. It's just Qichen is down again. And a final man we were just hearing from he's said he's shutting down his business he just cannot keep up with the different restrictions that are being thrown at him and that's something that is also a lot of concern how many businesses. Aren't going to survive and dangerous is really interesting to note we as speaking with these people three out of four of the people you just heard from told us that either. They themselves have already had co bit of someone other households had it so clearly. There's so many people have been affected by this whether it's their business whether it's their health so while everyone wants us to be over it's not over any time soon. Non forcing not Maggie really forests in London thanks Maggie.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Germany imposes a partial lockdown, and soon France will follow, as European countries bring back COVID-19-related restrictions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73890950","title":"Europe battles 2nd COVID-19 wave","url":"/International/video/europe-battles-2nd-covid-19-wave-73890950"}