Explosion Rocks Beirut as Fears of Syrian Civil War Spillover Grow

Blast rocks Hezbollah stronghold amid fears that Syrian civil war is moving into Lebanon.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for Explosion Rocks Beirut as Fears of Syrian Civil War Spillover Grow
This is a special group. Report from -- -- Contact Hernandez in the -- -- ABC news digital special report new worries today that the Syrian civil war is spilling over into neighboring eleven not. Beirut Lebanese capital was rocked by a large explosion a little more than an hour ago -- -- target -- densely populated Hezbollah stronghold. Has -- spot on the side of the Bashar Assad's government in Syria local TV is reporting that there have been several casualties. More on this developing story let's bring an ABC's Alex mark -- from our London bureau. Hello Alex and what can you tell us about the explosion. Good morning -- well -- off just a short while ago towards the end of the business day in southern Beirut. It happened in a place called -- here which as you mentioned is a Hezbollah stronghold. It happened near several of has -- buildings. It's unclear at this point exactly how many people have been killed the latest reports that we saw from the Lebanese Red Cross. We're five with a round thirty wounded. And this is certainly varies scary indication that as you mentioned though the war in Syria is spilling over. In to Lebanon and the pace of these bombings are picking up which -- which is a real worry right now. -- you mention it was in front of several. Has fallen buildings and we've talked about it being in and -- -- stronghold area but do we know for sure who this was targeting or who might have been responsible yet. No we could go get a claim of responsibility later today. It could -- -- it in the course of the next few days. But what's clear is that this was targeted -- has -- there's no reason. Other than targeting -- that this -- would happen in a place like dot here and that means that it's. Certainly linked to the war in Syria -- -- of fighters thousands of them have been fighting alongside the forces. A president Bashar Al aside for much of the past year. Hundreds of them have been killed so this was certainly in response to has was involvement on the side of the Asad regime. In the Syrian war which -- rage now for almost three years. And how concerned are diplomats and peace -- that this conflict is in fact spreading. All extremely in fact there was -- there was a bombing last Friday. In downtown Beirut to was the first one that we've seen in the center of the city in the past nine years. The last one was in 2005 when prime minister Rafik Hariri was killed generally what we see. Some of the spillover violence from Syria it's happening along the border with Lebanon it's happening in the northern city of Tripoli. Between different sex it's happening down in -- you were helpful as -- but now we're seeing these bombings. Not only increasing frequency but also coming in to downtown Beirut and in immediately in the aftermath of that bombing on Friday. The US embassy issued a warning telling American citizens and not to go to Lebanon telling American residents of the city. -- to be careful it's not gathering and spots that they typically do. So to answer your question. The diplomats the politicians are extremely worried. That this this war is not just spilling over to Syria which is something that we've been talking about for a long time we -- see lots of spillover violence not just in Lebanon. But in the bordering countries now we can. Pretty much say that the Syrian war is in Lebanon that the frequency of these bombings is picking up and this is gonna continue for quite some time to come. And -- -- spent a lot of time in Cambridge is civilian government have any influence in that has -- controlled area we're talking about today the site of the car bombing. Not for sale oftentimes the the civilian government the military the police forces will erect checkpoints -- -- dossier to control the flow of traffic to. Inspected vehicles that are going in there for instances like this to make sure that there aren't car bombs going in there but at the end of the day has -- is the strongest force in that country. And what we're seeing now is a tit for tat if you will. Of attacks between the two sides -- -- support President -- Charlotte side. And sides that are against them and despite. -- -- Lebanese army's efforts did these attacks are taking place. Not just in the in the form of armed conflict like we've seen. In in the northern city of Tripoli between Sunnis who are against the regime of president Bashar Assad. And -- whites who. Like the aside regime. Obviously support him but also this this campaign of car bombings just a couple weeks ago there was one. Outside the Iranian embassy Iran is a huge supporter of Syria. And now we now -- that. Was carried out by I Saudi links al-Qaeda group and so. This is -- it's not so much whether the the Lebanese government has control because this stuff is gonna continue Hezbollah is extremely strong they can retaliate where they want to. And it doesn't take very much for small sex who were against groups like Hezbollah to carry out these attacks. -- secretary of state John Kerry is nearby in Israel he's trying to restart peace talks so what is this latest round of violence mean. For that already stalled process. It is stalled it doesn't affected directly. There isn't much enthusiasm on the Palestinian or Israeli sides in terms those talks. But what how it does affect Israel's obviously. Greater concern for that spillover violence that we've been talking about now we're seeing it in full force in Lebanon we've already seen some of that violent spillover. South of -- -- incident Israel south of Syria into Israel rockets and mortars landing in Israel so of course. With this greater frequency of bombings in Lebanon that's also gonna raise -- that that. That the fighting will spill over to Israel of course that the situation would then devolved into some sort of regional conflicts -- is a great amount of concern. In Israel in the region the fact that happen. ABC's Alex -- -- thank you so much for joining us. And for all the latest on the attack and what it means for Syria and those talks in Israel and Palestine -- right here at abcnews.com this has been an ABC news digital special report on time Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Blast rocks Hezbollah stronghold amid fears that Syrian civil war is moving into Lebanon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"21399215","title":"Explosion Rocks Beirut as Fears of Syrian Civil War Spillover Grow","url":"/International/video/explosion-rocks-beirut-fears-syrian-civil-war-spill-21399215"}