'I just feel scared': Life one year after Grenfell Tower fire

Grenfell Tower survivors Omar Alhaj Ali and Mahmoud Alkarad have resettled into new homes but they live each day in fear and continue to mourn.
5:41 | 06/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'I just feel scared': Life one year after Grenfell Tower fire
Everyday I. Tell. I remember my front. Long but the fire when or the people I've seen you know and that night flight. You know people and turned themselves and that's like yes that smoke you know long time ago. You know why I moved here because it no doesn't vilify. My friend passed away. That's why did the things that go is okay when I think about it is not if not fine you know nothing doing it. Sometimes and and the building that is unify. You know like scientists. Accuse Ted I want to go to see you look let's go. Its time. I feel you on the time maybe something will happen to me. Like food something when I go and under their own school buses some I think that we. Sometimes I feel very time and I went too good to receive. When I you put my head wound up federal. I don't sleep I wake up again I think to vote you know too many things you know. Sometimes tenth until something and home. On how the futility before once. I used to live with my brother my friends I science a contrast from. House just. A month ago. But they couldn't hold to my home because my family still does ten. I had to do you have them not because they knew anything Nolan supports. When they come here is no one on the need. Now this he has fixed that's not. And he was my best friend not going to. His was that this and that patient and everything would happen. I Jean 21 time they key is he was telling me you know. Don't let him money can thing would be doing Juno. The funding would be you know in life would be couldn't go to Walton on down and gets I was of this scene. Sometimes Jeanne that night. The fire was coming closest to us. To shout him down on these everything. When I went cover feel like I won't cry. On and I tried to put tournaments. Because if he in this war. And tests. Straightaway cool to visit whose. I'm to pay for clothes whenever it comes from my G he like maybe you missed. To go on was. The east seeing the sentinels. We used to do the same things. He was the guy who likes to solve the fund programs so Nam trying to be that person you know tie in to do what he used to do. I have this piece those in his name and has no it is it's amazing but as three to see you know. How bad ones to mention how the fire was. Everything has been pen to accept this piece of that. I'm going to keep this forever. Winds in the c'mon do that I come from me from and him so we were like he brought us together since cuts. You know NIC Lott warned me do things together it always makes me feel that life is continues you know and things when he does have. Bias. Towards him and my life. And time you know about time won't be live together. We could conceive because of the smoke so I noticed him. And I found out that textbook that flips today skipped. 3 o'clock in the morning. So I spoke to him. The last school today it's from him was. On what I'm dying. That's what was the last. Finger hits from. This game. To survive by myself without us live. Life you know life that's happened. Sometimes I saved he's wanted got to. Maybe to be with my thumb meaning maybe if by bus away would hand. Maybe. No one would hear about. Make decisions that's helped. How they ignored people without my eyes defiant. The quality of the Binghamton to have offensive to forms of losing doesn't try to told so hopefully you know. We'll help. Justice untruthful and. That is you know personal life I Google. Some people don't vote. And phone. And the and the fight. They could go to jail on people they wouldn't you know they want to be help it play an RTC get justice.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"Grenfell Tower survivors Omar Alhaj Ali and Mahmoud Alkarad have resettled into new homes but they live each day in fear and continue to mourn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"55877835","title":"'I just feel scared': Life one year after Grenfell Tower fire","url":"/International/video/feel-scared-life-year-grenfell-tower-fire-55877835"}