First all-female spacewalk taking place outside International Space Station

Spacesuit expert Stacie Cox discusses the custom spacesuits designed for use in the spacewalk.
3:27 | 10/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First all-female spacewalk taking place outside International Space Station
While all this chaos is happening here on earth there's some magic happening elsewhere right now as we speak two American women. Stepped out of the International Space Station for the first. All female space walk Christina Coke and Jessica mere making histories so I'm joined by Stacy Cox who is a space suit expired. Which is pretty dope. Stacy the space is our big deal because this is the reason all be Null space walk was delayed the first time. That's correct. So what do you think of that in the fact that there are finally able to make this happen. It's pretty exciting. You know we eat me. It's something we don't really think about we didn't even realize the first time around that we had two women scheduled until we were getting ready to do the readiness review. For the EPA's and then all of a sudden course that there were women and I think this is the first time we're having to two ladies go out. And then you know on the ground when made you deceit sizing. You've got three different. Heard upper torso sizes that you try out and this he sued engineers measure of astronauts. To see which ones going to be the best day. On the nanny used in training exercises any twine and so. We have a prime size and we usually have a backup size. And then when the crew gets on orbit sometimes they fit a little bit different because there may have been different in zero G. And so that's kind of what happened the last time is winds and had had done. Space walk and her prime size she realized you know I'm not going to be able to perform their tasks adequately. In and other size and so. You know we we just had said today go with quiet. Was the quickest way to get the mission accomplished so he committed to getting haven't happened today. Yet so fascinating so you're definitely describing how the suits are custom but can you just remind us. Of what they're actual function is. So the whole bit this suit is designed to protect the crew member. So in space we've got vacuum so. This unit has to provide a pressurized environment for the crew member it's basically a personal spacecraft. For each crew members so provide the oxygen that they need it provides that cooling. And insulation bar the cold and heat of space. It does such a good job of insulating X remember that we have to provide cooling for the remembers so. We have water that runs through S problem mayor. And is exposed to vacuum tip pool B on the water so that it runs through a liquid cooling garment. To keep the crewmembers cool. They have I setting that they can adjust our mind now the control panel says. TU I keep themselves comfortable during a spacewalk and name. The other thing is mobility and dexterity. The blogs are designed to provide maximum dexterity. While still protecting crew member from the hazards of cut gloves and and a other hazards on the station. Well we are certainly thrilled that everything worked out so they can and make history today and also really awesome that human work on the east facing so thanks for joining us today it's really awesome.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Spacesuit expert Stacie Cox discusses the custom spacesuits designed for use in the spacewalk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66374191","title":"First all-female spacewalk taking place outside International Space Station","url":"/International/video/female-spacewalk-taking-place-international-space-station-66374191"}