Fighter Jets Scrambled in U.K. Air Scare

Passenger plane escorted to airport after bomb threat on board
5:39 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Fighter Jets Scrambled in U.K. Air Scare
-- -- As -- sight out of your airplane window to fighter jets in the UK. Escort -- the Qatar Airways passenger plane to the airport. After a bomb threat on the plane right now the international hot -- Manchester UK. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York that plane has now landed and it seems -- situation on the ground. Now call but for more on the threat and the emergency landing we're joined now by ABC's llama Hasan from our bureau in London. Obama first of all are all the passengers on Boortz state. Hey Michelle yes while sanctity they all that safe and that while they've since -- -- -- bound plane. We understand that there -- 269. Passengers on board along with thirteen crew members on not cats -- our Airways flight that was flying from dove hawk. To mound to start we also understand that one of those passages. Was escorted off the plane buying armed police he is now in police custody. And he on suspicion of making a hoax bomb threats so -- is of the latest details from -- star. Can you give us an idea about what transpired on board as this hoax. Was reported. What happened was this -- highways flight Q want 23 flying from -- -- to amount to stir about. Ten to twenty minutes before landing an -- not just apple -- according to one of the passengers who is interviewed about ten to twenty minutes before landing. Two minute -- jets as school was -- scrambled and escorted this plane and to that land -- safely. This act which in -- just and the reason -- because the pilot had received information. That there was a possible devise a humble about how the police had described it. The police went into full emergency swing if you like that's how they were treating this case. They at the time they didn't want to take any chances even though they didn't know. How serious this threat was they want -- take any chances so they dealt with it as a full emergency situation. And that's widely -- -- a -- jets. Escorted -- -- may shorten landed safely and surrounding the plane of course as you can imagine -- armed police just to make -- -- everyone. On board -- plane as well as its surroundings at the Apple -- to step one of the UK's busiest at -- was OK and everything was okay as well. Can you give us a sense of what the airlines are staying sane in any statements they really. Yeah they have released a statement cents a pack has -- -- ways -- signing. That this happened saying that the plane landed safely becoming the number. A passengers on board as well as the crew members and just saying that and the crew members -- heads. Announced that the pilot had received disinformation about the possible device onboard and had allowed to British authorities and that they will cooperate cook cooperating. We British authorities saying that it is now in the hands of the police as investigates has tried to find out what happened. And were there any other precautions that were taken with the airspace since this plane was diverted. We yeah I mean you mentioned. Before you introduce me saying that this was a terrifying experience rightly so if you can imagine for those passengers that was pretty terrifying to look out of that windows to see these two -- two planes in not being told what was happening again according to one of those. Passengers on board Josh Hartley who has since interviewed T said that they weren't given any intimations so they didn't know what was going on. And because but he -- dealt with this as an emergency they closed down mountains -- -- -- there were no incoming all I'm going. Planes for under an hour just under an hour and again you can imagine the delays and disruptions to other passengers as well -- Saxony. Everything went well and then we understand that the apple has now being reopened. And of course it seems that security has been heightened even before this incident all throughout the UK recently because of crisis in the Middle East. Give us an idea about how this militant group might be connected to just. Sort of increase -- security. Yeah well there's definitely been an increase -- -- did not shall we say in this country. Something that's the British government has been pretty vocal about you -- some of the Intel that they've received. They spoken about that worry. British. Born to -- these -- from this country to places like Syria for example of fighting on the front lines. And witnessing violence and aggression in coming back to person to vent that anger at the government for not doing more in that country. And to -- out their aggression and in doing so carrying out terrorist threats. Here on British soils of the British government has been quite vocal about it. And it's been a worry for them and that's probably why this country has being on -- Knutson has been and and and security has been high since in this country -- When you have a plane that is about to land in one of the busiest apples in the UK. With a possible. A bomb threat. And then open -- take any chances in the gonna take this as a serious security threat which is exactly what happened today. ABC's llama Hasan and London thanks for getting us up to date on the story. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on -- -- you've been watching international hot spot. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Passenger plane escorted to airport after bomb threat on board","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24848190","title":"Fighter Jets Scrambled in U.K. Air Scare ","url":"/International/video/fighter-jets-scrambled-uk-air-scare-24848190"}