Forecasting extreme weather atop the highest mountain in the world

An expedition to the top of Mt. Everest inspires a meteorology team to build the highest ever weather station.
4:26 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for Forecasting extreme weather atop the highest mountain in the world
OP really amazed me it's one thing to accomplish a bucket list item like. Climbing Mount Everest but to climate scientist partnered with National Geographic and a team of shirk buzz. To make that expedition even more ethic they climbed the mountain and installed the world's highest weather station ever right there on the top and they join us now. Baker Carrey and Tom Matthews in our DC bureau. First guy is congratulations this is incredible but. I guess I know who sits down and comes up with this idea why did you decide to do this. Well I think both of us from her early days had a fascination and extreme weather and and always follow. Whether from the stations that existed on the highest places and in the world at that point there there weren't that many and I think. As we came along and our professional careers we. Where involved in expeditions that set up weather stations and then higher elevation locations for Tom in Europe myself and and they and use and so. This was something that in the since we dreamed about doing for prolonged times. And perhaps I can just the National Geographic. And that drugs program called life in the extremes and and for that it has fantastic alignment with the interest that they can has expressed. An avenue to actually. And you know decently it's it's that it takes tremendous amount of logistical support to two decent money so we needed. I'm someone on National Geographic to have the same design vision ascension to the to a neighbor constantly. So why Mount Everest why do you need it the weather station up on the top what is the uniqueness about having it there. Brother reality if you look globally around the world we have very few weather stations of about 161000 feet and even. Fewer above 3000 feet and let alone and I know that none that we're operating above. About its when he. 2000 feet currently and so there's a huge data void there and then there's evidence to suggest that the high mountain regions of our planet warming. Faster than than other places that we really don't understand how quickly these these locations are changing so that's that's one. Reason from scientific stamps. And not psychoanalyst alliance of the like cool stories tonight and some Everest is of course global significance and for an 8000 meter plus peak. It attracts tremendous who audiences and lets people want to climb mountain. And weather has always been a big story we've Mount Everest say some of the the deadliest day and Everest have been associated with we found whether. And in full costume gives us the ability to do much as we can't make it safe with respect to weapons that means giving people four warnings if about weather and identifying windows when is safe to time. And having these weather stations up and one of the things I never lost to team. Is achieved the house improve when the full cost to make a definitive is safer for those funds going out and as a global story. And on climate change is also a local story about extreme weather helping the mountain be safer for crime is heading up. And it very quickly before what we go I just want to ask you guys about the overcrowding we saw a lot of people in danger situations up there how that the call was it for you to actually make the climb. Yeah that was an added challenge that one on the stories this perhaps is not being told us not quite as much is that that there. The weather when news we're much more compressed this year and so the weather was not as favorable to allow long. When for climbing the summons them meant that the people that we're there we're compressed. And fewer number of days. And unfortunately I mean we needed we need to get weathered a complete our objectives and so those are the days we're up there as well. And that that created some challenges and I mean our our service Jamison was I was frustrated to slow pace we're making we're all frustrated. And and so was we we made the decision to. Soon install the station. About half way up from the south call that he 43030. Meters. And and part of that was justice safety concerns she. Well I just want to say congratulations to you guys an amazing amazing accomplishment and you guys are critical so baker Perry. Tom Matthews NRDC bureau thank you for joining us we appreciate it. Maybe he cements remnants.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"An expedition to the top of Mt. Everest inspires a meteorology team to build the highest ever weather station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63690608","title":"Forecasting extreme weather atop the highest mountain in the world","url":"/International/video/forecasting-extreme-weather-atop-highest-mountain-world-63690608"}