French government suspends gas tax hike after violent protests

The decision comes after days of riots in Paris.
2:22 | 12/04/18

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Transcript for French government suspends gas tax hike after violent protests
Not to go to Paris and EN panel. Where we it's she appears at these riots that we saw take place over the weekend got the anticipated results in. Guy men's eight. Here in Paris French prime minister Edouard could leave prison and stiff suspension of the plans. Fuel tax hikes for six spirit in order is quite at peace the country he said no taxes chip could endanger the unity of the nation. Now remember Harris has been rocked by demonstrations. For the last three weekends although many of peanuts on the streets of being peaceful. They've also been many who resorted to violence that's out today in particular so the was rising in Paris in ten years. Cars bikes buildings assessor license smashed police seize ten got some war to cannon to try to quell the mall. More than a hundred were injured and nearly 400 arrested. I remember the demonstrations began to protest a planned tax on gas prices prism micron insisting it was needed to try to cut emissions. But his opponents accuse him being out of touch with ordinary people and the movement grew to be about much more than just gas prices. People are angry at taxation declining public services and the rising cost of living across the bold. And the protests won just here in Paris but across brands as this organic movement grew rapidly on social media. Now when Emanuel macro campaign to become president he said he'd be a different type of French leader one who wouldn't bounce of the unions and street protests. But now its president macro news brewing agreeing to suspend the stop dates for these new taxes by six months. The key question. Is whether that will be enough to satisfy this distancing techniques of the straits some are saying it's a good first step. But many old line and Ortiz just a six month delay warning it's too little too relates because a crisis and come about much more than just fuel taxes. The protestors are calling other taxes to be canceled. All right why it suffered decrease in the cost of living have a more public services things like no work as trains buses goals. Now as we'll now you concept new taxes animal services. But I am I will not grown now facing the most serious challenge of his presidency. And if the government hoped today's announcement would put an end to the protest movements. I suspect that likely to be disappointed. Lindsay. Ari in panel joining us from Paris and you so much for the.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"The decision comes after days of riots in Paris. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59601714","title":"French government suspends gas tax hike after violent protests","url":"/International/video/french-government-suspends-gas-tax-hike-violent-protests-59601714"}